Ə - Classless No More

Ə is a classless system. In both meanings of the phrase to some, but haters are gonna hate and players are gonna play, and some players want to play classes, so here are some "classes." (OK. They're more like kits than classes.) A class must be taken at character creation and cannot be dropped or changed.

Druid - Cost: 0 CP; Max Ranks: S11, W7, A9
* Spells are modified to reflect nature (A different entry for a different time)
* Limited to Leather Armor
* Cannot use shields or weapons with smithed metal
* Races: Human, Elf, Half-elf.

Ranger - Cost: 3 CP
Considered (mistakenly) by some to be the militant arm of the Druids,
* Use Druidical spells
* Limited to Scale armor and cannot use shields
* +1 bonus to the Armor die for each Rank in Adventure over 7th

Rangers come in two flavors: Striders and Hoods.
Strider - Max Ranks: S7, W11, A9
* Can dual-wield single-handed weapons regardless of Rank in Adventure and size of the weapon. They can even mix weapon types
* Races: Human, Half-elf, Orc (still cannot dual-wield)
Hood - Max Ranks: S9, W7, A11
* Get an additional shot per Turn when using (non-cross) bows
* Races: Human, Elf, Half-elf, Halfling (benefit applies to slings instead of bows. Halflings still cannot cast spells)

Bard - Cost: 6 CP; Max Ranks: S11, W7, A9
* A Bard must be Good At a stringed instrument, Poetry, and Public Performance (part of the initial CP cost)
* Can wear up to Brigandine armor
* While Bards can cast spells, they are limited to doing so as a 7th Rank caster
* Starting at 4th Rank in Sorcerer, a bard can make a Know Legend roll (Sorcerer roll to beat the Rank in Sorcerer), no matter how obscure the legend may be
*Races: All but Orcs and Half-ogres (Again, Halflings still cannot cast spells)

Barbarian - Cost: 6 CP; Max Ranks: S7, W11, A9
* For each Rank over 7th in Warrior, can negate one Rank of physical damage reduction
* Receive a +1 bonus to the Armor die for each Rank in Adventure over 5th when wearing up to Chain Armor (applies even when not wearing armor)
* Gain two additional Health with each purchase
* Races: Human, Orc, Half-ogre, and because I find the concept amusing: Halflings, who cost an additional 2 CP and are allowed to increase Warrior to 9th Rank instead of the racial limit of 7th

Paladin - In case you haven't noticed, "Good" and "Evil" aren't mentioned in Ə. There's a reason for that.

Monks - No.

Ninja - Hell no.

Psiots - Stop. Right now. Stop it.



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How about a Kunoichi? Geisha? Acrobat? Idiot with a magical shield?