Always something new to learn...

That's one thing I really like about the yarny arts, there's always a lesson to learn, a new technique to figure out or a creative way to make a new stitch.

I finished my continuous crochet baby blanket and I was perplexed about its pinwheel pattern.

It didn't look like the pattern picture at all, why wasn't it nice and straight?

I didn't think much about it and cast on another with some new self-striping yarn.(I went into a yarn store and the ball of yarn was calling my name, what could I do?) I thought this yarn would be perfect for the blanket! As I was reading through the blanket pattern I noticed a bit about a 'hidden stitch' on the corners. I'd ignored that part last time for whatever reason. I decided to read that bit and give it a try in my corners and voila:

No pinwheel! Just a straight beautiful line off all 4 corners. I've been crocheting for 8 years and this was the first time I'd run into this situation. No more pinwheels for me!

I started a ten-stitch blanket on a small loom as well, and I'm just over halfway finished.

I was hoping to get a good sized blanket out of the 4 balls of yarn, but it's looking it'll be lapghan size unless I use another colour.

I also started a . I'm using someone notes to make it look like a Magikarp so I can wear it out while I'm out Pokemon Go-ing.

Since I have trouble focusing on just one project at a time I also started an Amigurumi pattern from my crochet calendar. It's a and I'm counting on it being creepy-dorable!

I won an adorable crocheted mug cozy that looks like an octopus, it makes me chuckle when I use it.

I've been working on lots of projects lately, I think I'm looking for a project that will inspire me. So far I haven't found it, I'm just ending up with a basket of finished objects with no purpose. I want to use a beautiful yarn in a beautiful pattern that makes me smile and feel like the world is a hopeful place. Is that possible?