Middle Man

I'm the middle man.

I've worked in a few different fields over the years selling, installing, and maintaining some high end items from cabinets to computers. I've carried single cheques that were more than I make in a year. I do good work and I find good deals but I almost never actually have the high end items myself.

It's not that I need them or even want most of them, it's just a weird feeling to sell items I can never own. They pass through me and the money passes through me, but I make a small token fee. Why is that? I'm not really a business man. I love what I do and I pour myself into it and only charge people because I need to pay bills. I'm certain that my skills combined with some actual business savvy could make a lot of money, but again, I don't have much motivation to be rich. I'm happy to live a simple life with my needs met. I guess I just want an expensive trinket to play with now and then.