Ə - Song About Love Between My Brothers and My Sisters

First off, you should have seen this one coming with the first two items. If you didn't see this coming, slap your mother because she obviously never loved you and completely neglected to give you a good social and moral philosophy. Second, when this chant is accompanied with the striking the all aggression within a radius of one mile for every Point of Success of a roll of the Sorcerer die over 1. If multiple people are chanting, treat the chant as a chain-cast spell. Third, go listen to some Peter, Paul, and Mary, you unloved misanthrope.



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Bob Dylan and the Byrds did it Better in Chimes of Freedom.

But there is another Sly thing about family, Blood is thicker than Mud.

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What can I say? I dig rock and roll music. I could really get it on in that scene.

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