Ə - Gauntlets of Return

Anything thrown by a character wearing these gauntlets will return to hand the following Combat Turn, even if stuck or held. If the character grabs something else after throwing, the returning item displaces the new. Note: This isn't a cursed item. Dropping or setting something down will not cause it to return.



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If I chuck a 40kg bag of rocks, it will return?

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If you can throw a 40 lb. bag of rocks, then yeah. In simple terms: Throw Something; Something returns.

But remember, not cursed. This isn't Wish territory; intent of action is what's important, not screwing over the player. A Djinn in a lamp may screw over a guy asking for "a million bucks," but the Gauntlets
won't return a coin from a wishing well. Unless you wanted to cheat the well.

(A quick google search shows it was released in 1984, so 33 years.)

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