Ə - Tracking

Dumping this here for now. Maybe I'll get around to cleaning it up later.

Tracking: Base target number of 10, check every Adventure Turn. Changing conditions (change in weather, terrain, etc.) triggers a new Turn

Inherent modifiers of creature being tracked (add to TN):
Size: Tiny +8, Small +4, Medium 0, Large -2, Huge -6, Gargantuan -8
Slimy (worms, Viscous Blobs, etc.) -9
Creature alters terrain (Lava Lizard, Basilisk, etc.) -15 (modifier goes away when monster is in unaffected terrain)
Flying or Swimming +20 (This is in here to preclude impossible tracking. I want to keep the possibility of the legendary tracker who can track a swallow in a hurricane.)

External Modifiers (Bonus/Penalty to Adventure)
Terrain (use one)
-Fresh snow +4
-muddy ground, loose dirt +3
-Thick vegetation +2
-Forest, field, dusty floor +1
-Normal ground, wood floor, sparse vegetation 0
-Desert, dry sand -2
-Swampy -3
-Rocky terrain, solid ice, stone floors, shallow water -4

Illumination (use one)
-Sunny day; Light spell 0
-Twilight, light fog, snowing, torch light -1
-Full moon-lit night, day with moderate fog -2
-Overcast night with no moon, dense fog -3
-blizzard, sandstorm -5

Situational Modifiers (use all applicable)
-Every two in group being tracked +1
-Each additional tracker assisting +1
-Every Travel Turn (half day) since trail was made -1
-Every Adventure Turn (hour) of rain, snow, or sleet since trail was made -2
-Creature being tracked attempts to hide trail -3
-Failed Tracking attempt -1 (cumulative for successive failures. Penalty resets with success)
-Two consecutive successes +1 (non-cumulative)