Volume 5: Assassin of Gor - What in tarn-ation?!

Immediately this one was better than Nomads, and thank goodness for that. This was reminiscent of the first two books, full of adventure and action. I really enjoyed the journey and the prose was pretty good this time.

There were some twists and turns in the story but nothing you don't see coming from a pasang away. I was moved by some of the conflicts the characters faced and got quite attached to some minor characters. There was one surprise I didn't expect, they certainly fooled me there.

The glimpse into the Gorean slave trade was interesting, especially the way they are trained. This book made the Gorean slavery lifestyle sound more appealling and less barbaric than in the other books. There wasn't really anything that made me cringe in this book, unlike in Nomads when some events made me feel queasy. The events that happened during kajuralia made me laugh, turnabout is fair play after all!

It felt like the story went at a good pace, with a lot more polish then 'Nomads'. I enjoyed the main characters persistence and courage and swashbuckling-ness.

I'm looking forward to reading Raiders, but I don't even know her!