Me, Myself, and I (Take 2)

Today I have no specific inspiration and simply want to write. Earlier I wrote a blog post about my day and when I went to preview it, the page timed out. The lesson? Type up my blog posts in a separate program and then paste them into the online form. Normally when I type forum posts, I always copy the post to the clipboard prior to submitting, in case of error. I'm still learning Drupal (this is Drupal).

Let's see what I can recall from my original post.

It's been a good week. There were some frustrations, however all in all, I'm more satisfied than I have been in a long time. My leg is still healing but I've jogged four times in four days and hope to make tonight, five. It hurts and my body isn't adjusting as fast as I would like, but it's progress.

Work has gone well. I'm getting paid and just completed the install of a big ticket (for me) sale to a client. The part I hate is invoicing and my goal is to have that done before Monday. This will make me all caught up on invoicing and quarterly HST reports. That may sound normal, but for me it's a success. I really don't care for paperwork. No, I deplore paperwork.

I am waiting for Bell to call me about arranging an appointment to fix their equipment at a client's establishment. They are not an easy company to deal with. I ran the tests, I know the problem. They can even see the problem on their end, but it takes an hour on the phone to have it escalated to a technician. That's modern capitalist phone support. I believe they use this style to weed out those who will not persevere the system. They make the front lines overseas where they pay them about $1 an hour US and give them a lengthy procedure to fulfill before they will send you back here for help. It makes sense financially and it's simply the way it's done in Canada and the United States. I get paid on my end, but as advocate for the client, I push to have everything done as optimal as possible while making sure the client receives adequate compensation.

At my home, things are about normal. There is always work to do. I have two loads of dishes that need washing (my sinks are small, so bear that in mind regarding load sizes) and a load to be put away. All my laundry is washed and folded, needing to be put away. I have clean crisp sheets on the bed (my best sleep occurs in fresh sheets after a late night shower) and it's too wet to bother mowing the lawn.

I slipped up town earlier to help out a local business with their computer for free. Yes, I do this. It isn't good business, but I would prefer not to charge anyone if I didn't need to make a living. I often do work for free.

I'm about to do an hour long yoga session via DailyBurn, have a nice freshly ground cup of pressed French Roast coffee and then get to updating a client's web site.

I feel good mentally. I'm not where I want to be physically yet, but it will come. The hardest part for me will be not playing hockey this Winter. Hopefully I'll at least get to skate. What makes things good is, well, August is done. There has been no crisis recently, business is slowing down to a livable pace, and for the first time in ages I can start looking at the publishing side of my business again. This is a huge success for me. My heart is in this publishing.

It's time to stop writing and start doing... Wait, stop doing and start writing? Well, Stop writing this blog post and start doing other things. Have a great weekend.