[XCOM2-Spoilers] Vigilo Confido (Easy-Ironman)

I blow the time to restablish contact with the Western U.S. after the game tells me I can't. Vigilo Confido!

I gain three potential target sites. Eastern U.S. to counter the Alien Cypher dark event to gain a scientist; New Mexico to counter the Alloy Padding dark event to gain a Grenadier; Western U.S. to counter a hidden event to gain 84 Intel. The last being the only one that isn't labelled Easy. I take it.

Operation Spider Tomb
Moderate Difficulty
84 Intel Reward
Protect the Device just outside Vancouver

Cast of Depravity:
Leftenant Schneider "Sheriff" a Sniper
Knight Number 5 "Tinderbox" a Spark
Leftenant Neptune "Sailor" a Scout
Sergeant Uranus "Sailor" a Hacker
Sergeant Klein "Clydsdale" a guy who blows stuff up [Shaken]

We stir Klein around a bit before getting him off the Skyranger.

Moving in we see a Viper and a Lancer. One basic setup later and Clydsedale uses supressing fire on the Viper which isn't effective. Everyone but Tinderbox and Uranus miss but those two down the Viper. Neptune gets Lanced by the ADVENT stooge and neutralizes him.

Uranus considers penetrating the ADVENT security but finds it too tight and backs out. Tinderbox aggros a Lancer and Officer while Uranus injuress the Officer as it gets under the covers.

The ADVENT stoolies centre their frustrations on Tinderbox after he misses the Officer. Tinderbox get's marked and shot by the Officer. As the Lancer breaks for Tinderbox, Klein jumps up and misses completely while Sheriff gets a pistol hit on him before he Lances Tinderbox.

Klein moves up and reloads. Tinderbox turns his back on the Lancer and rushes the Officer who screams at the Lancer to intercept but it's fruitless as the Officer is torn to shreds by the Spark.

Uranus gets a little inappropriate (won't repeat what she said) and reams the Lancer.

We mess around and reload while inching toward the target. Some ADVENT move in on us and everyone but Tinderbox fires wide.

Klein tramples the Viper, Sheriff ticks off a Trooper that's flanking him so Neptune slips up and takes care of his problem which ends the mission. Excellent.


Klein is promoted to Leftenant and takes Heavy Ordnance over Holo-Targeting. He won't listen anyway; he just likes to blow stuff up and make horse jokes. This mission sees him recovered from his "Shaken" status.

Low on Power and Comms in my base. Despite needing a Proving Ground still, I build more Comms and start clearing space for more rooms. With only two Engineers, I can't do much. I finally research magnetic weapons.

The Dark Event ADVENT Alloy Padding completes and they launch a retaliation strike against our resistance by targeting civilians. Let's save some lives people!

Operation Flying Dawn with Cpl Kazanova, Cpl Hamilton, Hijack, Tinderbox and Sheriff.

With a mixture of arrogance and apprehension, we hit the gound.

Our first encounter near two civilians is a Super Trooper and a Muton. A grenade and some shots take them out. We hear shots in the diatnce and a Human cry the cry of death.

A choice always has to be made in these types of missions whether to rescue civilians or eliminate threats. I save 9/13 civilians in 5 turns and eliminated 7/7 enemy targets, with only one soldier wounded from a Muton counterattack.


Operation Righteous Dawn
Hack the workstation on CP rail, Edmonton.

Lt. Clydesdale (Grenadier), Cv Tinderbox (Spark), Lt Neptune (Ranger), Sg Uranus (Specialist), Sg Cyborg (Sharpshooter)

Time to get this resistance back on track.

With complete confidence we all run forward. We don't expect this to be wheely hard anyway. After a bit we see a Mec and Officer and realize we only have 6 turns to get to the objective.

I setup and launch a grenade into the two but they run the other way and no one but Tinderbox can see them; he rails against the Officer, sending him crashing to the ground. Uranus sends Aid Protocol to Tinder and the Mec hides in a car. Tinder blows up the whole car and Neptune finishes the Mec off.

We meet heavy resistance with a couple Sectoids, Vipers, and Troopers. Tinder gets in the middle to draw fire but Neptune takes a critical hit and gets poisoned.

Neptune gets swatted hard and her caboose goes to the railyard in the sky. Uranus screams, steels herself and rushes for the target network access.

Success. Good but not great. By Neptune's beard, we lost one. In Neptune's honour, Specialist Uranus takes the Field Medic skill which would have come in handy.

KIA Leftenant Sailor Neptune; 6 Missions, 15 Kills, a Ranger.


Operation Buried Shadow
Raid the ADVENT Train

Number 5 "Tinderbox" a Spark
Haruku "Sailor" Uranus a Specialist
Dmitri "Rocket Red" Pushkin a Grenadier
Markus "Clydesdale" Klein a Grenadier
Deric "Efreeti" Blackstone a Ranger

We see a mechanical turret and Uranus decides to hack it with only 30% chance to control and succeeds! Unfortunately, even with success, it means we lose concealment and are now being hunted.

A couple Mutons, Shieldbearer, Viper, and two heavy turrets. The hacked turret does most of the work for us. Tinderbox burns the rest but.. but... the mission isn't over?

Another Shieldbearer and Officer sneaking around. The Grenadiers make short work of them.

Flawless victory in six turns.


Operation Shattered Witch
Neutralize target in ADVENT vehicle.

Leftenants Cyborg and Sailor take Sergeant Efreeti and Corporal Pushkin along with Cavalier Tinderbox along for the ride.

Soooo, I failed a Hack with nobody in Overwatch and a Ruler Muton Beserker along with some ADVENT soldier attacked. We panicked and Pushkin killed the VIP, Tinderbox dropped the Beserker AND Pushkin to the lower floor with a blast.....

The Beserker flees through a gate, Efreeti misses with his blade. Many reinforcements come.

We use tactics like blowing up floors so bad guys take falling damage and land within grenade radius of other bad guys. We flee.

It's considered a mission success but I'm pretty disappointed in myself for shooting the VIP instead of the Ruler. It was purely a lack of attention to detail. I get far too cocky on Easy mode.


Operation Blood Knife

Destroy alien facility

My name is Stephen. I'm a Ranger for the XCOM project. This will be my fifth mission. I don't know the rest of the crew on this one but they seem to have a bond. Apparently my predecessor was involed with our Specialist and something pretty brutal happened to her.
On the flight into action I examine the cool throwing axes they equiped me with. They're odd but far better than the sword I used to have.

(Grenadier Cpt Clydesdale, Spark Vanguard Tinderbox, Specialist Lt Uranus-gravely wounded planting explosives, Sharpshooter Lt Sheriff-wounded) Stephen Hamilton, Sgt Ranger 16 kills.

"Apparently I WAS better than Neptune."