Four Parts of a Person

Introspectively you can break yourself down into four basic parts.

The body is muscles, valves, blood flow, and also your brain. It is the “embodiment” of your physical and mental potential including your capacity to learn. It's what's physical and is connected to your genetics.

Your heart is a ball of emotion, which like a sun, lashes out with solar flares from time to time. It is a highly reactive force that wafts left and right, up and down.

This one is harder to define as it could be your conscience, a subconscious knowledge, a divine feeling, or all three. I would call it your inner wisdom. It tends to bring with it a calming feeling and may counter the heart. Your heart may want you to turn left and egg the house of someone who wronged you while your gut simply says to turn right. It rarely offers an explanation. It's a “gut” feeling.

The mind is what makes you, you. The three other aspects can change and become completely or partially outside your control. Your body can deteriorate or become healthier. Your heart may become more unbalanced. Your gut can become clearer as you choose to listen to it or fade to a whisper as you ignore it. It is your mind that makes choices. Do you follow your gut or do you allow your heart to lead? One might call the mind your personality. I would argue that this is not genetic however it certainly is altered by experience. With that said, despite all experiences, you do get to choose. It could be called your conscious self, your spirit or simply awareness.

These four aspects make up a person. Looking into yourself and identifying these aspects as separate things is much of becoming self-aware. You need all four and they make you whole. Knowing your limitations and potential is sometimes where the quest to find yourself leads. You do something; your gut tells you to acknowledge it was wrong and move forward while your heart may push for denial. Your mind then chooses which to do. Your body might break down and your heart pushes you through it and your gut cautions you to hold off. Self-awareness allows you to understand your limits and see the potential you may have athletically and academically. Often when we're young we haven't found our limits yet. We may push those limits right to the edge, however as we get older, the same mindset generates injury (mental and physical).

Your body can break. Your heart can break. Your gut can fade. Your mind is what you have left. If it breaks, you may lose what self-awareness is remaining. So while you should care for yourself as a whole, I put some priority on the mind as that is the essence of who you are.



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You talked through this the other day with me. I get what you're saying though I may disagree with some of the name associations. Maybe more body, mind, spirit and genitalia?

I am here. I am now.

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Pretty much, yeah. The name of each aspect could be different things based on your view of life. As "cheeky" as your comment is, it also cracks open something to chat about. We'd have a gas!