Volume 7: Captive of Gor

This book focused on a specific minor character for most of the story, compared to the others with Tarl as the main. The person it focused on was a spoiled, lying, cheating, brat of a girl and I don't think I felt bad for her once during the book. The first part was hard to get into (as usual), it plodded along as the story was set up. It took me until around 100 pages in before I was able to read more then a few pages at a time and when it finally grabbed my curiosity to keep going.

I liked alot of the women in the story, main character aside (She was a weak, changeable thing). There was some cool dynamics introduced and some backstory revealed for other characters that added to the overall story.

This book had a little bit to do with the meta plot of the book series but it wasn't really forced down your throat like the other books. It showed up near the start and end, which really just tied it to the 6th and 8 th books.

Not much to say about this one really, it was a long story about a spoiled person who never seemed to learn her lesson. (And the El-in-nor pronunciation of the name made me batty after a while, why so many hyphens?!)

I've started reading the next book 'Hunters of Gor' and 5 pages in it's already a more interesting read.



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Alas the slavery background of the series especially vis-a-vis females could not be made into video in this day and age.

That would be something if someone attempted to port the series to video, I am rather curious how they would interpret the different slave poses and dances. It's a fascinating sub-culture Norman has made there, I find it really intriguing.

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I believe they made two movies with the name but veer far from the story. I tried to watch the first one but it was pretty awful.

is likely right that despite John Carter making it, the whole slavery and gender role plotlines would not be accepted well right now. Someday maybe. The first book would make a great movie.