47 Ronin

I just finished watching the 2013 film, 47 Ronin.

I thought this movie stood up very well. The last time I dealt with a rendition of this story was in 2005 with the graphic novel Roninhood of the 47 Samurai. This movie brings the story more directly into the mainstream while seeming to keep the heart of it intact.

While Keanu Reeves may not carry the movie the rest of the cast is tremendous in their efforts to become their characters. The effects snap into place with dynamic precision and the screenplay came across with brilliance. I truly enjoyed this movie from beginning to end.

What strikes me about the portrayal of this story is how it ignites an awareness in me of Japanese culture, illuminating their heroes, and how they have impacted my life without me realizing it. This movie helped me understand the world just a little bit better.

The Scorpion Tale Rating is 9/10



This movie made me cry manly tears of honour and loyalty. 6 times...possibly more,its hard to count when you're bawling.