[EHM 2018-09-30] Exhbition 4 Sharks @ Habs

Winger Jussi Jokinen accepted a try-out offer with the Habs and has started practice but is not slated for this game. While time may not allow, there is some expectation the team will try him with fellow Fin Mikko Koivu.


Lindgren played a perfect game in nets with 24 saves. The Habs outshot the Sharks 35-24.

DeSimone showed some rookie weaknesses in his game for the first time - cracking here and there but Lindgren just kept the wall up. Muller started to get some groove, not playing exceptional but his best yet. Honka had a tremendous game getting a goal, assist, 2 PiMs and 2 shots. He played almost 20 minutes.

Dawes and McCarron outplayed Lehkonen, Tatar, Baun and even Domi. Dawes had an especially good game despite being on the fourth line. Koivu finally found himself while playing with Tatar and Dawes. McCarron is looking to take Hyman's spot with Thornton both being able to play Centre as needed.


The Habs sign backup goalie Yegor Zenko and both the Beast and IceCaps have their first scrimmages. Alexander Sudnitsin rejected seven teams (including the Habs to sign with CKSA Moscow).

Fresh out of Habs camp, both Victor Mete and Alexis Loiseau were a few steps ahead of everyone else in initial physicals with the IceCaps. David Pacan lacks game-fitness despite his skill and Michael McNiven is either tired or possibly feeling down.

In Brampton, the physicals showed Etienne Brodeur and Luke Ripley all fired up while physicians are concerned Kyle and Cavar are not up to the upcoming contests. Matt Boudens is injured in the first scrimmage, knocking him out of the running for the team.

Unlike the IceCaps two 2-2 ties in their scrimmages, there were some blowouts in the Beast's initial games. Guys were flying everywhere and exploiting vulnerabilities whenever possible.

C Mike Cichy and RW Garrett Vermeersch stood above the rest.