[EHM 2018-10-02] Exhibition 6-7 and Farms

Exhibition 6 Blackhawks @ Canadiens

There has been a lot of discussion about the next few games. There are players that will need to be traded or let go or possibly put through waivers.

Unfortunately, despite Michael McCarron and Zach Hyman playing very well, it's likely they'll be sent to the farm. It's either that or get rid of Reaves and Drouin, neither of whom are likely to have any benefit on the farm.

That was the right side. On the left we have a glut as well with it likely veteran winger Nigel Dawes becomes an extra. Nicolas Deslauriers' future depends heavily on whether Reaves stays. If Reaves stays, Nic goes to the farm. If Reaves goes, Nic becomes the second extra forward with the added versatility of being capable on defense.

The Centres are set in which four will be used however the order keeps changing as Shipachyov is showing fatigue in the top line. This gives the sophomore Hischier another chance at the top spot. Thornton is looking to slide in to the third slot above Koivu - originally the opposite was expected.

Defense is also mostly decided. The only question for the regulars is whether Alzner or Sergechev will play with Weber. Valiev and Honka seem steady as the fifth and sixth defensemen and Green will likely hold his spot on the second line while stepping up with Weber on the powerplay.

What's undecided on Defense is whether Muller will be kept around as an extra or traded. Both Ouellet (unsigned RFA) and Hickets have shown they are better candidates if injury occurs and they are exempt from waivers, something Muller is not. As well, if Muller is traded away, it leaves room for an extra forward while things settle up front.

In nets the backup position is still being fought for between Georgiyev, Zenko and Lindgren although Zenko is the clear favourite.

Is this the team that will repeat with the Stanley Cup?

For the exhibition with the Blackhawks, McCarron is taking Shipachyov's spot while Ship is sent to the gym to develop his stamina. Green is put with Weber however unlikely the pairing will really be.


Georgiyev had a mediocre game; Koivu and Tatar seem of one mind while playing and Tatar got his own rebound after a stretch pass from Koivu; Green took a poor hooking penalty and then got a 10 minute misconduct for yapping - Hawks made good; Dadonov skated end to end scoring a sweet goal; McCarron gave the puck away to Toews and paid the Price; Georgiyev passed the puck to Toews who threw an easy pass across for Anisimov to score; another goal and an empty netter sealed the deal for the Hawks win.

IceCap training camp sees Froese just about get thrown out for being an idiot and more disappointing shows by Pontarelli, Mete and Bereglazov. Ruck, Vigneault, Nygren, Goldobin and Matson were like shining beacons of how to play hockey. Froese was let go.

Beast training camp sees John McCarron making strides and at least three tryout players getting minor injuries. Brandon Wolframe who is on try-out from the Marmora Lakers of the EOSHL despite obviously not being physically prepared did show he has the skill to excel. Collin Shirley (not Laverne) and Etiene Brodeur put on a clinic.

Nick Ritchie

Out of the blue, LW Nick Ritchie signed with the Habs. Where can he possibly fit? He has better physical attributes than some of the other wingers but doesn't have anywhere near the mental acuity of them.

AHL/ECHL Exhibition & TC


In Exhibition Ferriero and Mantha played well, Brine did not.

In practice, Shirley, Vermeersch and J.McCarron are making strides but a lot of focus is on Alternate Captain Mike Vernace who has not shown up in game-shape and is getting a lot of lip from staff for his poor performance. Vernace has been a defensive star for the last two years and his arrival completely unready this year has been a shock.

In scrimmages Vernace is also playing quite poorly while goalie Foote and determined winger Chouinard are impressing.


In exhibition the Centres rotated to a different line each 15 minutes. Ruck was decent in nets. Campbell played poorly in front of him. Baker and Hudon did pretty good while Reilly and Scherbak shone. Hudon and D'Agostini had some chemistry. Cedarholm had a bad giveaway and Bourque looked lost on the PK.

In scrimmages Vigneault is making strides; Haugen is making it easy for Kersus to release him completely; Baker, Gagnon and Scherbak are showing some cracks. Athanasiou, Gazzola, Ebbing and Beauregard all played very well. Ranger had a good fight but debatably lost.

This highlights the problem with Scherbak at the moment. He's inconsistent but shows signs of genius.

Exhibition 7 - Jets 2 @ Habs 4

It's the deadline for cuts down to 23 from 31.

OOC - It would have been nice if the game had given be some time of warning when this was coming...

Other teams have put many players on waivers including Mathieu Perreault and Michael Chaput who the Habs tried to acquire earlier.



Valiev mostly played well despite both goals being scored by guys he should have been covering. Reaves beat up Zach Smith which ignited the Habs scoring. Dadanov finished off a pass from Rychel while Dawes robbed Myers and setup Reaves who cashed in. Green sent Shipachyov on a breakaway.

The Penguins claimed Deslauriers off waivers and the Habs scrambled to put a deal with two prospects and a recently signed defenseman together hoping to bring Nicolas back.