[EHM 2018-10-08] Morale Shinny

Tier 3

The Brampton Beast are ranked 20th out of 27 in the Season Preview with Justin Baker MVP and Jerry Kuhn as the key arrival.

A contract is offered to Ryan Kyle. Three more exhibition games until the season starts with a game of shinny after that.

Tier 2

The IceCaps have shinny with the Habs today and just two more exhibition games before the season starts.

The St. John's IceCaps are ranked 1st out of 30 in the Season Preview. Texas hot on their heels. Zack Hyman and Phillip Danault touted as the movers and shakers of the team. With some regret we see Mathieu Perreault as the star on the Manitoba Moose. We 'could' have had him.

Tier 1

The Panthers knowing about Montreal's interest in Joel Teasdale, offered him with 2020 3rd pick for star prospect Vince Werhane and the Habs 2019 3rd pick. Possibly trying to cash in on Werhane not being in Kersus' good books. Werhane is touted to be a superstar in a few years and it's widely thought the Habs are grooming him as tradebait.

The Habs counteroffered switching the picks to be Florida's 1st pick 2019 for Detroit's 2nd pick 2019.

Bryan Little and the Habs are close to terms but the Habs aren't sure they need him with pezzetta doing so well. Then it's a decision between Bozak and Little. Are either of them actually a better fit than Koivu was?

Some thought that Mike Reilly would be brought up to compete with Valiev for a spot next to Weber however Assistant Coaches Malarchuk (Habs) and Graves (IceCaps) highly recommended this does not happen.

    IceCaps 2 @ Habs 9

Naturally this was a tough game for the IceCaps and one used to bolster confidence in the top tier team but Hyman still stood tall with Koivu, Paquette, Athanasiou and Kulak holding their own. Juulsen, McCarron, Haugen, Lindgren and to a lesser extent Ouellet were exposed weaknesses on the team. Zenko, Alzner, Honka and Dawes were hard pressed at times while Shipachyov, Domi, Tatar and Green moved up the ice like men playing with boys.