[2018-10-08 DWUniverse] Smith to Capaldi

In readiness for the new season, I'm trying to catch up. So we watched THE: Day of the Doctor, Night of the Doctor and Time of the Doctor in that order (which is incorrect as Night occurs before Day); finally starting Deep Breath.

Basically skipped all of The Impossible Girl story arc. We did see Asylum and Dinos on a Spaceship some time back before we took a Doctor Who break.

It's cool to see the 8th Dr again. I never really cared for Moffat's desire to fill in every single blank of imagination before he left and consider Dr 8.5 to be something that should always be seen as this dark time no one will ever know the exact details. By setting down every little detail Moffat took all the power away from the Doctor's evolution. Still better than resetting the universe.

When Tennant says, "I don't want to go;" we both teared up. His end is so compelling. Smith's end seemed to drag on and on.

We skipped a few episodes that I did like however on the whole, I believe Clara is a stronger character for the viewer if seen as another companion as opposed to seeing her actual origin for The Doctor play out. Archergirl currently likes Clara which is something I believe will be weakened when she goes back and sees 'her' story.

I really liked how The Doctor pushes two sides to negotiate fairly. It seems like a pretty good idea.