[thepuck 2018-10-22] Blues and Sens vs Habs

I didn't do a big write-up for the Blues 2 @ Habs 3 game October 17th. It was a good fun game so I sat back and enjoyed it. On the flipside, the Blues were underperforming so it made the Habs look much better than they actually are.

Eventually I hope to get back writing for both teams from a game however for now, while I dip my toes back into writing again I'll stick to one team for the most part.

The final goal was astounding and the result of the hardest working line on the team. No one else matches Danault, Tatar and Gallagher for hard work. I think Danault's talent is improving, Gallagher has even more talent growth within and Tatar fits in well with those two. I'm still watching Tatar to see what I ultimately think of him and have no specific judgment in that area yet.

Alzner's first game of the season!


Scratches: Scherbak(h), Weber(irl), Deslauriers(?), Shaw(h-flu), Mete(irl?)

Domi scored very early, utilizing his speed and ability to ward off the defenseman netting his first tally as a Hab along with Rolling Reilly who scored later after a nifty move at the blue line to keep it in.

Bear in mind with the ratings for the game against the Blues that I wasn't using an analytical mind for that one. Domi's line isn't really rated nor is Juulsen.

Jacob de la Rose was claimed by the Detroit Red Wings and honestly, I think he'll fit in better there. I have no dislike of him, it's just that I think the Wings have an organization that leans toward his style.

Habs 3 @ Sens 4 OT


Scratches: Weber(irl), Scherbak(h), Mete(?), Hudon(h), Plekanec(irl)

1st – All Habs
2nd – All Sens
3rd – they both played
OT – Sens win.

Alzner wasn't the stable force he usually is however he also totally saved a goal that went through Price. You could see his experience, composure, and determination despite a few missed plays (and his worst game of the year – including exhibition).

Armia and Lehkonen performed with excellence on the PK unit. They are both proving to be versatile. Armia has more to prove but finally this year Lehkonen is settling into the NHL as a solid player worth watching.

When a Sens player purposefully bumped Price it was Kotkaniemi who came in and protected the Habs goalie with ferocity. Sure, he was tossed aside and Armia rescued him but this showed Jesperi's attitude and game is coming along. He's still playing catch-up however it looks like his attitude is quite good.

Drouin a skilled player good at protecting the puck away from traffic. Other than that I have nothing to say about him right now.

Deslauriers wore a full cage and skated well but you could tell he wasn't 100% yet – something you can only become by playing.



I've missed a few games but JK seems to be developing, the amount of penalties he was taking for...hooking was it..or slashing has decreased as well.

I want to like Domi but I think there may be an attitude problem there, he makes good plays but alot of bad decisions as well. I'm on the fence about him I think.

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If MTL wasn't desperate for a Centre success story, I doubt KK would be on the team still however he is coming along. He'll only learn the Canadian game by playing here. He appears to have a great attitude and enough skill to maybe make it. Lehkonen is a solid example of a European learning the game while playing. His first couple years were rough but now he works hard every shift and has become a top notch penalty killer.

Yeah, I want to love Domi. He has fantastic acceleration and solid offensive skills. He's also tough. Unfortunately he's lost defensively (positionally), looks lazy coming back and tends to sucker people. He has all the pieces of a great player though.