[thepuck 2018-12-04] Sens 2 @ Habs 5

    Danault (++++-+) 9
    Tatar (+++-) 7
    Gallagher (+-++) 7
    Domi (-++++++) 9
    Drouin (--+-+--+-+) 3
    Shaw (+++-++) 9
    Kotkaniemi (-++-) 5
    Byron (+++) 8
    Lehkonen (+++) 8
    Chaput (+-+) 6
    Agostini (++-) 6
    Peca (+++) 8
    Kulak (-+++) 7
    Weber (-++-++) 7
    Schlemko (+++---+) 6
    Petry (+-++++--) 7
    Reilly (+---+) 4
    Benn (---) 2
    Price (+++-+-) 7

Domi has started coming back to support in the defensive zone but his line still gets stuck a lot there with only Shaw being aggressive. Domi and Drouin tend to float.

Gallagher was double shifted in the first, playing in Peca's spot.

Batherson clips Shaw and Domi takes exception but Batherson hugs him to death. Kotkaniemi serves the extra penalty because Domi scared Batherson.

Kulak and Peca's hard work sees Domi and Drouin get a 2on1 which Drouin puts in Anderson's five-hole. Afterwards Price faces a scoring chance as Drouin doesn't cover his man. Domi's line gets pinned again in their own zone along with Reilly and Benn.

Chaput gets called for holding and Tkachuk for slashing. 4on4. Gallagher gets a phantom hold call ending a Danault breakaway prematurely.

Hab of the period: Shaw
Score: 0-1

Drouin dives and draws a penalty.

Petry stands up Duchene.

Much of the period had very little flow. Neither team knows what to do after the Sens tie it up.

A Sen loses his footing, Drouin tosses the loose puck to Domi and he puts it in the top corner.

Gallagher gets away with an errant stick.

Drouin feeds Domi again. Buried.

Kulak sends the puck to Shaw who carries it end to end, dishes to Kotkaniemi who pops it over to a driving Lehkonen who puts it home.

Hab of the period: Domi
Score: 1-4

Reilly makes a diving defensive play that while desperate, looked cool.

Tatar steals the puck… To Gallagher; goal!

Ceci takes a huge dive and Kotkaniemi goes to the box as the refs give Ottawa a freebie.

Danault and Lehkonen gain a 2on1 shorthanded and Danault doesn't pass.

Falk goes after Domi and the linesmen break it up too quickly. Smith sucker punches Shaw when Shaw is held back by a linesman. The other linesman protects Smith from Shaw.

Dzingel tries to run Kulak, they wrestle a bit and Dzingel finally gets a punch off after they go down and the linesmen move in.

Sens get a late goal as the Habs are all out of position starting with a bad pinch by Petry.

Domi tries for a hat-trick and misses the net.

Tkachuk interferes with Gallagher using a big shoulder. No call.

Hab player of the period: Puck boy. No one stood out.
Score: 2-5

Habs special teams looked good against Ottawa however the Sens really didn't have a good game.

Archergirl's 3 Stars: Domi, Drouin, Kulak
Kersus’ 3 Stars: Domi, Danault, Shaw