HackMaster 2020/03/10 Hobgoblin Chief and Gelatinous Cube

My weekly game is cancelled until further notice.

On Wednesday major local corporations recommended avoidance of all non-essential gatherings. Later during the week came a spate of municipal and statewide lock downs and the declaration of a national emergency.

This time we had double cheeseburgers and fries individually bagged for each player from a national fast food chain.

I put the room numbers in the summary, so they coincide with narrative. Old timers may recognize this place. Corrective note to earlier narrative, [Room 18] did not have the curtain block the door to the south. I was reading from a paper copy and I should have used a magnifying glass. Now that I've seen it blown up on a screen the party should have been able to go that way.

++++ SUMMARY ++++

[Room 11]

From fighting the skeletons the party picked up any maces the skeletons had dropped (to improve their weapons) and proceed to the next room. Which was essentially the back side of another secret door. Peeking, the party noticed 5 Hobgoblins, one guarding another door, two flanking what appeared to be a throne, one standing in front of the throne reporting to whom was seated there the party's attack on the Hobgoblin barracks [Room 10] minutes before, and lastly the biggest baddest (4th level) Hobgoblin chief you ever saw. (Even his body double was wearing a Screen Actor's Guild "muscle suit" to play this role.

So the party decided to rush the guard, close the door and overwhelm the rest with Kobolds and Teenagers.

This eventually worked, losing only six Kobolds in the process. (They had lost the first nine fighting the skeletons. Sorry I forgot to mention that.)

Next item on the agenda was to survey and search the room they were now in, which was a 25 by 45 foot room an empty throne on the East end, a door in the South, 4 dead Hobgoblins each with 10 gold pieces, one big Hobgoblin with no treasure, and a secret door in the Southwest corner.

[Room 8]

Finding no traps on the secret door, Needles took the lead into a 15 by 15 foot room, only to be surprised by a Gelatinous Cube and got paralyzed. The Teenagers came in and destroyed it well in advance of Needles getting digested. Amid the remaining globs of viscous goo they found a magical warhammer, which the party prevented Grog from destroying, and a a box of 7 scrolls which DeBoDe identified and quickly pocketed.

[Room 7]

Lastly they were on the backside of another secret door on the other side of this room. (Since it was the backside, I decided to not make it a secret.) With another peek, the party espied two Ogres sitting at a table playing cards.

Given the time spent fighting the last two rooms I decided to call the game. Even though I "could" have, the next fight may have pushed it late into the night.

I decided to attach the party's map, if you can't take attachments, sorry.


- A Barbarian named Grog.
- A Magic User Sole Practitioner (Detective Class) named De-Bo-De
- "Fred" the talking indestructible wooden fish amulet found in session one and taken possession by De-Bo-De.
- A Thief named Needles (who has a fear of needles)
- A Cleric named Torquemada, a Cleric who bought the Inquisitor package with his build points.
- Eleven "teenagers", who are apparently some sort of Sprite kin encountered two episodes back who want in on the "action".
- Rescued wimmenfolk from the village. One per each defeated member of the Hobgoblin tribe.

Tracy Johnson