[OD&D] S16 The Revenirs | Palace of the Vampire Queen

[OD&D] S16 Malchor's Palace of the Vampire Queen

Attendees: Damascus(HF), Hodge(HF), Elestar(.5EFMC), Sebastian(.5T)
Missing: Tristan (HC), Yolo (EFM)

Back to town the courthouse has a trial in motion. Damascus attempts to gain bounty on our bandit ears and proof of Hagarth's death. They don't like that the ears are desiccated and about a week old. We see if the dagger of Hagarth is worth anything. Blacksmith says it's Human made and while the etching is nice, it's just okay - nothing special.


Hodge reads about the history of Balor (Mountains).

Elestar hires Gitti and Elmu to join us for 1/8 shares or 100gp - whichever is greater. Sebastian and Hodge offer to contribute. We sleep.

We ride to the Palace to see our two Kobold friends witing for us armed with javelins. Gitti and Elmu don't like the Kobolds but Hodge asserts his guardianship over them.

Palace entrance is how we left it. We go directly to the Bandit hallway and explore. Sebastian listens at doors as we go through empty rooms until he hears something at door . Possibly Dwarvish conversation. The room has shelves on three sides with 360 jars with heads in them. Damascus messes with them and is shoved out of the room by an unseen force.

Hodge opens door and inside Sebastian finds a secret closet. We go back out and open the final bandit hallway door. There's a man with a crossbow. Sebastian throws a dagger, Damascus attacks and Hodge's Flail wraps around the bandit's neck, crushing his face inward. Dead.

We find a note: "Murnogh, Gather Hagarth and Zenton. Gather your men at the mountain and meet the remainder of my forces. Wait for me. Martok

We learn that King Arto freed the Kobolds from the Orcs a couple generations ago.

1 bandit ear
Crossbow, 7 bolts
Murnogh's dagger
Horn mug



And to think using flail in pokemon is a last resort!