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[OD&D] Hodge the Humble a Human Fighter of No Repute

Malchor's OD&D Discord/Roll20 Campaign
Palace of the Vampire Queen
Original Dungeons & Dragons + bells & whistles

Human Fighting-Man (Veteran)
Lawful-Neutral, Man+1, Listen 1, 6" Move
Worships Taranis with a teeter-totter nod to Nodens and interest in Smertrious

16 Strength (+1 tohit, +1dam, 1-3 doors)
10 Intelligence (was smarter but hit on his head in training)
11 Wisdom
15 Constitution (+1hp)
11 Dexterity
13 Charisma (max 5 hirelings with +1 loyalty/reaction)

+10%xp, 7HP

Languages: Common
Saves Ray/Poison 12; Wand 13; Stone 15; Breath 15; Staves/Spells 16
To-Hit AC 9 = 10

+1 with swords or flails (so with strength and as fighting man, +3 to hit with Flail/sword; +2 with other weapons); +1 damage. named Hodge the Humble after his Uncle. Interested in Kobold and Doppleganger races. Has permission to withdraw Sebastian's money as Sebastian has the same permission with Hodge's.

Once knew of Kobolds and Dopplegangers but some traumatic event caused brain damage costing Hodge this knowledge including their languages while increasing his base physical strength. He does not recall the event, only that he is invested in knowing as much as possible about both races.

Plate Armour, Wooden Shield (round), Flail (Thunder), 2 Handaxes, shortsword, lt. Xbow, 33 bolts, 50' rope, 10' pole, 6 torches, flint & steel, flask of oil, little wolfsbane, book on History of Balor, brown wool cloak, Hagarth's dagger, Backpack
31gp, 7sp, 10cp on person
90cp on horse
285gp, 7sp, 1cp in bank.