[OD&D] S17 The Revenirs | Palace of the Vampire Queen

OD&D with Malchor

The Revenirs
Damascus, Human Fighting-Man
Hodge, Human Fighting-Man
Tristan, Human Cleric of.....
Sebastian, Hobbit Thief and Party Scout
Yolo, Elf Fighter/Magic-User
Elestar, Half-Elf Fighter/Magic-User/Cleric of Silvanus

Morg a Kobold with a lantern
Bert a Kobold with a torch and 2 javelins

OOC: We touch base about the campaign, go over some history.

D'Derga (Celts) had the island before the Dwarves (although perhaps not first) and are in conflict with the Dwarves and Kobolds. King Armond of Ar Toe freed the Kobolds from Orc slavery.

Once upon a time, there was a princess who took a boat to a wedding and crashed on Balor. Her servants took her up to the mountains to build a tomb and never returned. Years later strange abductions occurred around that area.

Five years ago the city of Mor was liberated from the control of Orcs by King Armond and he pushed them off the island. He's seen as a heroic figure by the Dwarves and his reticence to enter the palace himself to free his daughter makes the palace seem all the more frightening to his people (Dwarves).

We came because he offered titles, lands and riches to whomever returns with his living daughter.

We have been here 31 days and while no other band of adventurers came back from the palace (exception of Henk whom we freed); once we did so multiple times, more and more adventurers have come to Hosein.

Tristan raises the issue of friendly-fire with the group. We talk about spellcasting in armour and the wild effect if may have.

Mor Tok was an Orc who was run off long ago which (looking at last session's notes) is why Kobolds brought up that specific history of being freed from the Orcs.

One Kobold speaks broken Common (we should call him Morty) and they both speak some Orcish.

It's decided to retcon Elmu and Gitti as an idea Elestar had to hire them but was talked out of it by Damascus.

Start of session's adventure:
We head up to the North-East quadrant. First room is empty. In the second room a Giant Tick drops on Sebastian and latches on, pushing him to the ground. He stabs at it frantically while Damascus jumps in and mightily tears it out. Hodge sticks a lit torch into it's underbelly making it squirm and foam at the capitulum with red fluids. Sebastian whirls around and drives his dagger deep inside the tick, turning his weapon while the insect spews more of it's disgusting liquid in it's final death throes.

Hodge kicks the tick and looks Sebastian over wondering about the wound. Elestar suggests Tristan take a look, and he does. We find no secret doors in either room. Hodge splits the tick open from end to end. Elestar wonders aloud about Tick carapace armour but it's decided that we leave it.

We head further North and enter a room to the West with another door to the North (Damascus took point). As Sebastian enters at the rear he deftly dodges a portcullis that traps us all inside this area.

Hodge opens the next door and leads the group up the hallway carefully in single file while searching the walls along the way.

Skeletons! Sebastian slips back to let the Clerics come forward. Hodge thunders through one and misses a second one with his follow-through. Damascus swings his javelin at another and knocks it's head into a wall (T-Ball) also missing a second one on his follow-through.

Tristan steps into the room, holds his deity's symbol high and commands the necromantic scum back to the earth. Nothing happens, leaving him feeling dejected.

The three remaining skeletons go toward the light source and attack Morg/Morty but miss.

Elestar steps into the room chanting about Silvanus and is filled with a green light centred upon his holy symbol. The skeletons back away and run from the increasingly powerful green glow.

Hodge puts a hand on Morg's/Morty's shoulder to steady him but the Kobold is pointing at the remaining harmless skeletons in fear. The skeletons are clawing the East wall to get away from Elestar (although someone points out maybe toward secret rooms?).

Tristan makes it clear he must destroy these vile creatures. Damascus wants to time the attacks all at once. Tristan sends a sling stone in and misses. Damascus tosses his Javelin in to destroy one. Hodge steps in and swings his flail through two at once.

The power and light ebbs away from Elestar.

Hodge feeds Morg/Morty.



Is there a pickle rick somewhere?

Not a fan of skeletons myself, they never stay dead.