[RTT2e] 2020-08-20 Jamocon 5.2.3

[RTT2e] 2020-08-20 Jamocon 5.2.3

Mongoose Traveller 2e played via Discord and Fantasy Grounds Unity

Locations: Floating Palace, Drinax

Main Crew
Doctor Emerson Blue
Captain Xerxes
Recruiter Grus
Astrogator Chan Crawford (retired pirate)
Chief Nork
Engineer Dietrech

Diary of H-Gunner 1

Grus recruited myself and five others to join this group. We are made aware of the Space Farmer's Almanac and I leaf through it with my cybernetic hand. I learn a few rumours.

If captured by the Imperium we should ask for transfer into the Scout service.
Aslan pirates can't detect you if you're hidden in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant.

We take time to get to know one another. There are twelve of us so that takes awhile.

Needing parts for the ship Nork gambles for them and loses. Luckily I have some savings and can back our losses but we're given a slight discount based on a final coin flip (had we won = 5MCr; Loss = 10MCr; we paid 9 MCr). So we walked away with the parts needed to repair the maneuver drive. Yay! This invests me in their ship and I'm no longer a retainer but part owner. Cool beans. Plus I think Nork likes me. I may have awkwardly been overly friendly. Whoops. I don't usually make friends. He did look at me funny when I pulled the Credit Wafers from my quantum speedos. Snap!

We figure out that good things to acquire for sale are pharma, food and alcohol.

Next episode: Practice Raid



Sounds like the ship needs a banana hammock.