[Finca Flichman] Misterio Malbec 2013

My drink of choice is a fine Scotch but as the other reviews show I also occasionally imbibe beer, cider, and other liquid poisons. Some evenings or with red meat, I'll check out a red wine. I'm not an expert or even a true connoisseur. Consider me more or a lay man who likes to share and discuss.

Malbec, 13.5% alc./vol.,
by Finca Flichman, Argentina

This is an economy wine priced under $10. I've enjoyed other Argentinian Malbecs priced closer to $20 and thought I'd see how low I could go and still enjoy them. The label talks about violets, black plums, and tobacco leaves. This was a selling point for me. The intended flavours, the location and the type of grapes all sound good.

Upon pouring Misterio, it has an unmistakable black cherry colour. It smells wonderful as Malbecs go with a flowery bouquet. The first taste fills your mouth with flavour sensations everywhere. It hits and coats you with compact bitterness, a touch of sour, slight salt and a heavy coating of sweetness.

This is a wonderful red wine that doesn't go to your head but is most certainly full flavoured and not for those new to reds. The tobacco and plum are quite subtle but the violet stays with you in a pleasant way.

I know these descriptions are meagre. What I can say is that I like it. My tastes lean heavily toward full bodied dry wines. I can easily see myself in front of a warm fire on a cold Winter night slowly tasting my way through a few glasses of this. This is, in fact, my favourite red wine yet.