[2021-01-11] Metamorphosis Alpha Characters - 3.5 Editions

Metamorphosis Alpha Characters - 3.5 Editions

I decided to make as close to the same character as I could over four editions of Metamorphosis Alpha. 1e, 3e (25th), 4e and S26 (5e). Maybe even compare to Gamma World 2e. I don't have the Amazing Engine version unfortunately.

We'll stick to Human but note some of the differences.

You can choose Human, Mutated Humanoid or Mutated Creature.
08 Radiation Resistance (6,1,1)
09 Mental Resistance (6,2,1)
11 Dexterity (2,4,5)
14 Constitution (4,6,4)
06 Strength (2,3,1)
11 Leadership Potential (4,4,3)
52 Hit Points (5,3,3,3,1,3,6,2,3,3,5,6,3,6)

You can choose (based on campaign phase) Robot, Android, Human. Strength is rolled into Constitution. Add Luck. The d20 combat is replaced by 3d6.
12 Constitution (4,6,+2) [125/200 lbs]
14 Dexterity (2,4,5,+3) [AC-1]
14 Leadership Potential (4,4,3,+3)
07 Mental Resistance (6,+1)
07 Radiation Resistance (6, +1)
44 Hit Points (5,3,3,3,2,3,6,2,3,3,5,6) Lose 2 dice but a 1 becomes a 2.
17 Luck

Equipment: Gown, working handheld computer.

Advantages: Non-mutated machines are programmed to serve Humans; +3 to attack with Human sized weapons; Androids and Robots usually obey Humans; +3 on physical and mental ability checks.
Disadvantages: Robots and computers are often overly protective and interfere, vulnerable, may lose access to secure areas if mutated.

There are skills that later waked Humans might have and you might gain when your memory returns. Can start as a Robot, Android, Human (no memories), Human (some meories), Human (full memories), Human Cyborg, Mutated Human, Mutated Animal, Mutated Plant.
17 Constitution (4,6,4,+3); 68 Hit Points (5,3,3,3,2,3,6,2,3,3,5,6,3,6,6,3,6); 150/300 lbs
14 Dexterity (2,4,5,+3); AC-1
14 Leadership Potential (4,4,3,+3)
12 Mental Resistance (6,2,1,+3); +1 Puzzles, 120 IQ,
11 Radiation Resistance (6,1,1,+3)
14 Luck

22 Years old, no mutations (9), no cybernetics (10).
Equipment: gown, broken handheld computer,

Advantages: +3 attack with weapons designed for Human use, correctly functioning robots, androids and AIs obey authorized Humans, +3 on mental and physical checks, can mutate, can use cybernetics.
Disadvantages: No memory, AIs, Robots and Androids may be overprotective, can suffer cybernetic shock, mutations may cause AIs, Robots and Androids to not recognize them.

I would say that even with the same die rolls, characters between 1e and 25th are not specifically stronger or weaker however they are slightly incongruous. 4e characters are significantly stronger and more homogenous.

Human, Mutated Human, Mutated Animal and Plant are the options (randomized with Mutants being the majority).
Human - barbaric, +1d radiation Resistance and Tech Lore, +2d talents.
Best - Constitution: 5D (-1D Radiation Resistance)
Worst - Brawn: 0D (+2D Lifting)
Good: Leadership: 4D
Weak: Discipline 1D (-2 Mental Resistance)
Competant: Dexterity: 3D
2D Melee Weapons - +2 Melee Weapon Attack
2D Ranged Weapon - +2 Ranged Weapon Attack
Everything else 2D

Fatigue 13
Wounds 15

Well, this is pretty different and hard to customize within the creation rules exactly like the previous characters plus the change in Strength from 1e to later editions makes you wonder how strong this individual would be. Is it a flaw if a system can't replicate a character from another system? Which system above is more versitile?

Gamma World 2e
Pure Strain Human "Pladapa"
09 Mental Strength (6,2,1,1)
10 Intelligence* (6,1,1,2)
12 Dexterity (2,4,5,3)
13 Charisma* (4,4,3,2)
19 Constitution* (4,6,4,5)
06 Physical Strength (2,3,1,1)
98 Hit Points (6,4,4,4,2,4,7,3,4,4,6,7,4,7,7,4,7,7,7)

For Hit Points, I added 1 to each already rolled hp and rolled two more. This eliminated any possibility of a one so perhaps subtract 4 from the total to get a more relatable score.