Corner to Corner Dish/Face Cloth

C2C Dish/Face Cloth

Hook size: 3.0 mm (Check out my fave hooks here: )
Yarn used: Hobbii Cotton Kings Soft Print
Weight: Super Fine (1)
Colour: 207 (Red multiple shades)
Finished size : 7" x 7"

Skills required: Must be familiar with C2C technique using hdcs
For a tutorial on C2C go here:

Main Part of Cloth

Start a normal c2c with hdc (Start with a chain 5, in third chain 1 hdc, fourth chain 1hdc, fifth chain 1hdc)
Continue building squares for 15 rows (Once you have 15 squares on the diagonal)
Row 16: Start decreasing
Continue decreasing until the last square.
Fasten off.


Row 1:
Join yarn with a slip stitch in any corner
Chain 2 in corner
2 hdc in same corner
hdc evenly down the sides of the cloth with 3hdc in each corner
Repeat until back at the starting chain, join with a slip stitch.

Row 2:
Chain 2 in corner
2dc in same corner
dc evenly in 3rd loop of hdc stitch from previous row down the sides, with 3dc in each corner
(The 3rd loop is behind the '<' you would normally stitch in)
Join to starting chain with a slip stitch
Fasten off and weave in ends.