Grannys got a new bag

Granny square bottom bag

I wanted a cute gift bag and this pattern came about! It's an open granny square at the bottom (not good for holding tiny things but great for wrapped gifts!) and granny stitch up the sides with a handle at the top.

Hook size: 4 mm (Check out my fave hooks here: )
Yarn used: Light Fingering yarn + Thread-type yarn = Fingering
Gauge: Not overly important
Colours:I used a silver cotton thread and a sequined black and silver yarn.

-Start granny square and continue for 8 rounds (alt do granny sq with no holes):

  • I typically start with a magic circle and do 3dc, ch1 4 times.
  • Join in the starting chain
  • sl stitch to corner (if doing granny sq w no holes you are already in a corner.)

-Chain 3
-From now on follow granny stitch (3 dc) in each space, (3dc, ch 1, 3dc) in each corner, continue for 8 rounds, joining with a slip stitch in the starting chain.

Now we are starting the hinge to the sides
-Chain 3, dc in back loop around, 2 dc thru backloop in each corner, continue to the end and join in 3rd chain
-next round: chain 3, dc, dc, skip, 3dc, skip, all the way around and join to first
-next round: chain 3, 3dc in spaces all around and join
-repeat until bag is long enough
-once long enough do dc for two rounds
-Fasten off.

-Choose a spot for the handle, mark 6 stitches (or whatever width you want)
-Using the yarn for the handle join with a slip stitch to the top of the bag
-sc in the same space as sl st and sc across the remaining stitches for the width of your handle, ch 1 and turn
-Repeat sc across with ch1 and turn for the desired handle length.
-Join on the other side of the bag, marking out 6 stitches (or however many you've decided)
-Join with a slip stitch to the bag and sc in same stitch and sc across remaining handle stitches
-fasten off