Ə - Charge and Trample

Charge: A Charge is a specific type of attack made by horned and tusked monsters, like minotaurs, elephants, and Giant Wild Boars. When Charged, the opponent receives d1 Damage per Point of Success of the attack and must make a Warrior Resist vs. the Degree of Success of the Charge or be tossed into the air, whereupon the Charge continues, gaining a cumulative +1 bonus to the attack and damage. As long as the attack continues to be successful and the victim keeps failing the Resist, the damage continues. All attacks on a Charge are part of a single Turn.

Trample: Trample is to large monsters as Swarm is to tiny: a herd of elephants trample and a dray of squirrels swarm. The victim of a Trampling rolls an Adventure Resist vs the number of monsters and takes damage for each Point of Failure. The damage is dependent on the monster. If there are more than 30 monsters on the trot, split the Trample into multiple Turns of (roughly) equal size. A Crash of 32 Rhinoceros would have two Turns of 16 while a herd of 320 Bison would take ten Turns of 29 and one Turn of 30.



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Are you still updating this and have you thought about including a quickstart adventure? How is the Radiance one coming?

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Sporadically. There's stuff clogged up in the Ə pipeline, like therianthropes, but it's slow going.

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