Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/01/13

Notes for session of 7 of January 2014.

Picking up this campaign in Blackmoor after running through the DA# series.

Partly due to the cold weather only two players showed up.


Since all the Players were senior, we decided to perform character maintenance.

Huang & Honda characters were coming out of retirement and decided to buy some equipment.  Notably they bought two spyglasses at 1000 G.P. each.  Probably useful since they have two ships, one of which was impounded by the barbarians.  Honda bought a Heavy War Horse with Full Plate Barding.

The same Player's two other characters Junkbot and Fundisha decided to get married.  Pregnancy was initiated 5 weeks later. Fundisha with give birth to two baby twin boys 9 month's down the timeline.  (Playing Dr. Who, It was noted there may be a causal event (initiated months before) that may prevent this delivery.)

The other character Elefus:

The expenditures for Elefus' divorce were decremented from the Player's sheet.  The final settlement was Elefus would give up 300,000 Gold Pieces in cash.  Elefus' own lawyer fees were near 7,000 gold pieces.