D&D5e Session 5

I believe this was session five. I missed the last session which left the rest of the party either dead or unconscious - as well as terrified of some local ruffians.

I'm just starting to understand the nuances of this rule system and the more I understand, the less I like it. We have eight players now and seven were at this session. The characters now include a couple Fighters, a Thief, Druid, Barbarian, Cleric, Ranger, and something else (I never found out). Ottred still lives and at second level is starting to become effective. The biggest change though is realizing he has super-powers. He has Second Wind which grants him 1d10 hit points pretty much every battle and now he has Action Surge which gives him an extra attack each combat. These are fairly powerful abilities to me. Ottred's AC has lowered as we didn't know his +4 Dex had no effect on his heavy armour. So he swapped his Chain Mail for Studded Leather. We're also trying to figure out the attack and damage bonuses again and we found out he hasn't selected a Fighting Style yet.

Some house rules I believe we're using: We roll for first level hit points. There are no Dragonborn or Tieflings as player characters. Whatever they are.

I actually hit and killed a Goblin (emptying an extra bolt into him to be sure) and then subdued another. Subdual is easy in this system when compared to 1e.

The session was fun and the group is great. The adventure is a sandbox and the rules are tolerable. I mean, I'll play pretty much anything however I doubt I will ever run this system.

Special note to the hosts as they are gracious and supply drinks and food generously.