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Leif Lasstiwhyle
Elf - Magic-User 4 / Thief 5 (11k xp)

11 Strength
15 Intelligence
11 Wisdom
19 Dexterity
12 Constitution
14 Charisma

Leather Armour AC 4
Broadsword, Dagger, 10 Darts, Dagger
16 Hit Points - 400 Gold Pieces

1 - Read Magic, Detect Magic, Feather Fall, Magic Missile
2 - Invisibility, Stinking Cloud

70 Pick Pockets; 57 Open Locks; 50 Find/Remove Traps; 57 Move Silently; 53 Hide in Shadows; 25 Hear Noise; 90 Climb Walls; 25 Read Languages

50' rope, bullseye lantern, tinderbox flint & steel, 4 spikes, 5 flasks of oil, small pouch, waterskin, thieves tools, engraved cylindrical scroll case with scrolls of Dispel Magic, Fireball, Charm Monster, Polymorph Self



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3d6 down the line, ignore the results, insert desired numbers?

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Hah! Never. 4d6, drop the lowest but done in order. No switching around or 2for1s. I would have been happy with 3d6 straight up.