[ERP] Vorgé The Grey, an Elf of low repute (starting character)

Eldritch Role-Playing System
(starting character)

Vorgé The Grey

Agility D6 > Speed D4
Willpower D6
Melee Weapons D8
Illusion D4
Fortitude D4 > Feats of Strength D4
Animal Handling D6
Influence D6 > Coercion D6 > Intimidation D4
Skullduggery D6

Advantages: low-light vision, heightened hearing, underworld contacts
Disadvantage: Compulsion (1CP) Kleptomania
Spells: Illusion - Chameleon NN4

Basic equipment, thieves tools, leather armour D6, longsword +3/+3, dagger 0/+2

Defenses: Illusion 4; Agility 10; Melee 8; Unarmed 4; Willpower 6; Fortitude/Passive 8