Slippery Part 1

I'd never seen so much blood. It practically exploded! I..... I see spots. What the hell? Everything is blurry. I can't let myself forget... I open my eyes.

Fuck, it's cold. Wrapping my arms around myself I look down and realize I'm naked. I'm still waking up and too stunned to cover myself. So disoriented. What was I just thinking about? It was important.

Am I still dreaming? I can't even describe this room. What are those things? It's like a large metal coffin but some of the metal protrusions look like tentacles and, oh my god, they're moving. What is this place?

There are little blocks of lights here and there. The floor... Geezus, what is this floor made of? Cold and hard, yet sticky and.... a little like memory foam? 

The ceiling is domed with even spaced bands alternating white and smokey black. Man, it's a good thing I'm not a writer. I can't describe anything properly.

I sit up and every muscle seems to groan. I'm sore and stiff all over. I look down, yep, all over. As far as I know, I'm alone but I can't help blushing.

It's quiet except for some light rustling noises which emanate from the tentacles. I'm not stupid, so I steer clear of them and rise to my knees. 

Suddenly a part of the wall disappears and I feel all my hairs stand up on end. Terrified, stunned, and too stiff to move, I look up and she runs in, naked as the day she was born. Gorgeous. 

Is this heaven? 

She's looking over her shoulder and just before I'm trampled by this goddess, she looks down and stops as she sees me. She immediately covers herself as best she can; left hand between her legs and right arm across her breasts. 

She's so close that as I strain to look up I can't even see her face, just her hand, belly, and the underside of her breasts. 

There's a long moment. I'm engulfed by her beauty but I'm also still in shock I think. She's not moving or saying anything. I feel the electricity in the air again and make a surprised grunt as I arch my back. She glides back half a step and looks me in the face.

There's too much fear there for her to be my captor. Maybe she's like me. Oh, who am I kidding, she's a 10 and I'm a 5. I shake my head and sit back on my heels. She gasps and looks down. 

Oh right. I'm not even sure what to do. I could put my hands between my legs but... Hell. I stand up and cover myself as best I can, but it's fruitless. 

She draws her eyes up and looks me straight in the face.

"Hi," I say casually, "what brings you here?"

I internally slap myself in the face. What did I just say? 

She seems confused and pulls her head back slightly, looking me up and down again."Uhm, I'm Dinah." 

I lift my hand to shake hers and realize I just exposed myself again. I stop stunned and keep awkwardly switching from a handshake position to covering myself and somehow squeak out an apology. 

She laughs. No, not a giggle or chortle, she leans her head right back and bellows out with laughter. When she looks at me again, halfway between positions, she smiles broadly. Releasing her perfect bosom, her right hand stretches out to shake mine. 

We both stand up straight and laugh some more. I don't think either one of us knows what to say and we're both ignoring the surroundings.



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Is there more to come?

I am here. I am now.

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Thank you. I hope so. I have three storylines on the go at the moment. I'm concentrating on Life As A Rogue and doing the other two as mood and inspiration strikes.

TWD is more kid-like, Rogue is more teenagery, and this one is infantile-adult :)

What do you think will happen next?

It's so difficult not to make dirty comments.

I hope there more to 'come' as well ;)

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Whatever do you mean? Looks good enough for G audiences.... Doesn't it?