Where We Go From Here Part VIII

When the dial finally reached zero, I was eager to see the result. FOOM! It exploded like a small fireball. All the air was sucked out of my lungs and sure enough I felt the glass shatter as all my flasks of oil went up covering me in light. I screamed. Well, I tried but my throat was dry and my lungs empty. I thought that was it for sure. I'm still not certain how Athelstan put it out. That's my memory of fire.

"Holy smokes! Did you see those things?"

Not only was Ovrianna entangled in some sort of living vine and being lowered into a flammable liquid. She also had her back to stone lined with quartz and there were large centipedes crawling all around her at lightning speed. I almost jumped out of my boots when I saw the first one.

Axton's snickers aside, we had a problem. To make matters worse, Ovrianna had passed out. 

"Time is short sir," stated Emile.

"Albion. Lifeline." Our minds briefly connected and I reached in and grabbed Ovrianna with all my strength. Axton brought his blade in behind her carefully cutting at the vines. 

There were at least a half dozen of those centipedes stinging and biting me as I pulled Ovrianna into my chest. I hear snaps and wondered if it was the vines or the tendons in my straining arms. 

The world started to roll over on itself as I struggled to remain standing; I strained my muscles more against the vines that now lashed out at me like whips.

Axton worked away, and Albion started stabbing Centipedes with his dagger. 

I looked at Axton and noticed his glance of awe at me as I heaved one last time freeing Ovrianna from the vines. Then I felt a bite in my neck and lost consciousness. 



Centipedes are awful!! They should all burn.

The names are interesting, what's their origins?

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Yes, these particular centipedes are far more deadly than their real life counterparts.

I'm not sure I want to reveal the source of the names at this point other than they come from my childhood. There's a ton of backstory to play with as well as a whole novel-worth later. This one sort of writes itself as an intro.

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I had written more, but I wonder if this was a good place for this chapter to end.