Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

What do we have here?

Avengers 2 was the same formula as the first movie but the humour was more muted. It was fun.

Ant Man appears like it could easily flop. Like many of the MCU's characters, they aren't the original from the comic books. They are just the current or latest incarnations. Is this Ant-Man enough? Does the story scream stupid? There are a few red flags however the character itself is solid. Small but solid. Get your insecticide ready.

Captain America: Civil War could simply go either way. Winter Soldier is hard to follow and the TV show Agents of SHIELD is watering down the background a bit. I'm not excited about this.

Doctor Strange has buttloads of potential however it sounds like they're going to spend a whole movie on his origin and Marvel's track record in the past is to completely screw this up and have people leaving the theatre bored before anything fun starts. If they pop out the major parts of his origin in snippets while making a great movie, it may do well. We'll get see how well mixing science into the magic ala Panprobability (yeah, a Lejendary reference) and opening up the multiverse will work.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 needs to concentrate on the cosmos and not Earth while retaining all the humour and more. Really just continuing what they've done already.

Thor: Ragnarok will likely do well regardless of how good it is. It's a pivotal movie in the grand scheme of things but will it be awesome in it's own right? The cast is mostly solid. It would be really cool to see The Warriors Three get their own spinoff with or without Sif (who has guest starred on Agents of SHIELD).

Black Panther is a movie they should market hard. Maybe akin to turning Nick Fury black; they should make T'Challa a white guy. Yeah yeah, linch me. BP has a lot of potential. They can do just about anything with this character and if they play it right, can help sell some of Africa's natural beauty.

Avengers Infinity War I & II is what they've been building toward. Can they execute this with excellence? I hope so. The two-part thing may turn some people off.

Captain Marvel isn't the real one but again is the current popular female character who beats up men. The current character is a bit bland but she is very much a Western cultural prototype for what women are expected to act like. I expect it to do very well and still suck. This will be even worse if she's Earth-bound. She belongs in the cosmos while beating the tar out of any male figures she spies.

Inhumans is a nice self-inclusive group that can play with the Guardians at a later date. I am worried they are overextending themselves and casting this correctly will be difficult.

What about TV?

Apparently these B characters will get Netflix treatments.

Jessica Jones
Luke Cage
Iron Fist
The Defenders

DD teasers and trailers are out and the cast looks solid. The effects look pretty awful but DD is a perfect character for the high drama that modern audiences seem to crave. It's probably good that Marvel got these rights back.

I know nothing about Jessica Jones,

Luke Cage and Iron Fist could be incredible

The Defenders? Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange, Hulk, and Sub Mariner? Nope, the four above. So basically they're calling Heroes For Hire, ridding us of the possibility of the phenomenal originals.



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The Russian superhero movie Guardians/Defenders coming out looks exactly like what a great Defenders movie should be.

Daredevil was good. It wasn't great, but it was good. Kingpin was too sympathetic and the plot felt like Arrow without the mindless intrigue.

Inhumans are looking more like, let's punish Fox for keeping the X-Men by watering them down and splintering the characters over the cosmos and then doing the mutant plotline with Inhumans. The main characters are certainly awesome however Agents of SHIELD has also watered this great race down into a bunch of nobodies so far.

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So they postponed The Inhumans. It's possible they're just bluffing to get the X-Men rights back.

The Black Panther looked cool in Civil War but the CW movie itself is just a segue with no actually import.

Ant Man was okay.