[MA25] Human Gambert

RPG: Metamorphosis Alpha 25th Anniversary Edition (Fast Forward Entertainment)

14 Constitution (150/300 lbs)
09 Dexterity
17 Leadership Potential
07 Mental Resistance
03 Radiation Resistance
18 Luck
61 Hit Points

No equipment.

[MA1e] Human Gilbert

RPG: Metamorphosis Alpha 1e

15 Radiation Resistance
11 Mental Resistance
13 Dexterity
09 Constitution
06 Strength
15 Leadership Potential (5% chance mutated follower, 10% Human follower, max 5 followers)
25 Hit Points

[TFOS] Wren the Human

RPG: Teenagers From Outer Space

Wren, a Human boy caught in the middle....

6 Smarts (fleeing aliens who want to 'pick' my brain)
2 Bod
5 RWP (Relationship with Parents/Authorities)
3 Luck
6 Driving (get challenged at the worst times)
4 Looks
3 Cool
2 Bonk

Shoot Big Raygun 1, Sneak 2, Dance 2, Hunch 1
Incredibly Cute
Girl Crazy, Humble, Manic

[MgT1-SD] Strontium Dog - Bonfear

RPG: Strontium Dog (RTT1e)

Borak Bonfear
UPP: 65D140D Search/Destroy Agent
(Strength 0, Dexterity-1, Endurance+2, Intelligence-2, Education-1, Social Standing-3, Influence+2)
30 years old, 3 Terms (entered the S/D Agency at 18)

Shambolic Mutations:
Bony Protrusion Armour Nose Bridge (+4 Inf, -6 Int)
Skeletal Nostrils (+5 Dex, -5 Influence)
Monitor Lizard Upper Jaw (+4 Inf, -4 Dex)
Hawk Eyes (-4 Dex, +5 Int)
Iguana Scale Genitals (+6 End, -4 Dex)

[WWII-OW] Corporal Charmer Level 1

RPG: WWII Operation Whitebox

Corporal Encirp
A Russian Charmer of the First Level

10 Strength
13 Intelligence
08 Wisdom
14 Dexterity
08 Constitution
09 Charisma

+0 BHB, 15ST, 4HP
Friendly Demeanor, Smooth Operator, +2 ST vs Influence

[MB] Orn the Tough | Classless



0 Agility
0 Presence
+2 Strength
+3 Toughness

11 Hit Points

10 silvers, waterskin, 3 days food, magnesium strip, ? sacred scroll, staff (d4), padded armour (-d2, tier 1), sacred scroll of Lucy-Fires Levitation (Hover for Presence +1d10 rounds)

[FAL] Ewe Gor | Elf 1

RPG: Far Away Land

Ewe Gor the Elf

Actions 6 - Luck 2 - Level 1 - XP 0
Brute 2 - Dexterity 3 - Wits 1 - Hit Points 12
Boons: Athletics 1, Manipulate 1, Sneak 1
Flaws: Jealousy, Covetousness
Special: better hearing, better sight, night sight, +1 with an Elfin Bow.

AC 2 Light Armour
Longsword 1d6+1, Dagger 1d6, Belt of 6 Throwing Daggers 1d6
Cloak, backpack, 6 glass bottles of oil, flint and steel, grappling hook, lantern, lock picks, hand mirror, pouch, rope

[CoC7e] Thomas Johnson | Medical Missionary

Thomas Johnson, Missionary to India
25 years old

75 Strength
60 Constitution
65 Dexterity
70 Appearance
45 Power
55 Size
75 Intelligence/Idea
85 Education/Know

Move 9; Cred...

[TROIKA!] Cliff the Ardent Giant of Corda | Starter

Hi, I'm Cliff.

I am an Ardent Giant of Corda seeking adventure.

Check out my Skill of 5; Stamina of 21 and Luck of 9. You need me.

I have some really cool advanced skills in Strength 4 (I'm a Giant!); Astrology 3 (Whooooo); Run 2 (long legs help); Climb 2 (so versatile).

HackMaster Over 2020/09/13

The pandemic is still going on and my last HackMaster game was in March, I decided NOT to resume it at some future date. Keeping track of Player history is a PITA.

Tracy Johnson



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