2015-11-03 [Image] Sex Criminals #12

So, I get this adult comic book, and no, not the regular cover but the cover I can't see because it's polybagged. I haven't done this since my teeny bopper years.

I had hoped for some fun kinky stuff with laughs. What I got was a couple cute frames and a long rant about how women are oppressed as if today is the same as it was 85 years ago. 1930 meet 2015, unless you're this writer who thinks it's still 1930 and has a chip on their shoulder.

Still there was a glowing dick and a Japanese tentacle girl. The art was good and the writing fairly generic but the rant, geez, the rant went on and on and on and on.

The best part was actually the letters column which was a little amusing.



Eventhough I wasn't interested in purchasing it, I am mildly interested in reading it.

Even if just for the glowing and the tentacles.

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I think you'll enjoy it, but whether or not you will seek out more issues is in doubt. It has a fun concept and maybe it was just an off issue with the ranting. The creators seem a fun and irrational sort from the column at the back but it's often hard to define a series by one issue.

You were absolutely right about the feminist ranting, it definitely pulled away from the good parts. If all that was taken out it would've been absurd and amusing.

I enjoyed the glowing rod and sailor scout tentacle spirit. The front image cover was also very pretty, but not nsfw as far as I could see. A good way to sell more comics, promise a racy cover and hide it to make it seem like it's REALLY bad!