[Movie Review] The Forest (2016) 2 Catkins


The Forest is a well paced tense ride with appropriate jump-scares but fails in the end by not following the verisimilitude it built up.

The cast was excellent and the production values felt solid. Even the concept had a lot of potential and again, the constant tension was near perfect as this film keeps you glued.

The ending simply falls flat.

What would fix it? First, Michelle Trachtenberg could have pulled off the twin role instead of the poorly fleshed out identical twins. Second, give us some hint as to how the ending could be achieved or change it to a couple really diabolical finales leaving us speechless.

Other than that, it hits the other numbers solidly and while not a waste of time to watch, don't expect to be fulfilled at the end.

2 Catkins (out of 5)