Knitting: Thrum-Thr-Thrum-Thrum-Thrums!

Ever since I learned to knit I've wanted a pair of Thrummed Mitts, they're soft, warm and look adorable. This year I decided finally to make myself a pair (Only took 8 years...).

I started a pair using pattern from Ravelry.

I'm using Twilleys 'Freedom Spirit' in colour 554. I've had this wool for probably 5 years now, it's just been waiting for the perfect project! I also used 1 oz of a pretty purple roving I bought at a craft show. The pattern recommended 2 oz, but the only other roving I had wasn't carded so it was filled with bits of wood and such. I actually tried using it, until I got a sliver. I figured a mitt lined with sharp bits of things was probably not going to be comfortable. (An iron maiden mitt?)

This is my first pair of mitts and I've already learned alot from finishing the first one. I expect the second one will look MUCH better. This one is a bit lumpy and pointy.

Other first times for me this pattern: thrumming, and grafting using kitchener stitch.

The worst and most tedious part of this was separating the roving into itty bitty pieces. The first time I separated it and started knitting the mitt, I ran out of roving about 3 inches in. My pieces were huge! I realized I had to take the pattern seriously when it said to separate into 'small' pieces.

Ripping out a mitt that has roving knit into the wool is something I shall never repeat. Never.

Once I got going, the mitt came together really fast, the pattern was easy to follow and had a link to a great tutorial about thrumming. My thrums aren't as neat as I'd like, but I chalk that up to inexperience. The grafting I did is uneven because it was only halfway through I realized I had to pull the yarn tight, hence, lumpy! I could've fixed it but, A; I didn't know how and B; it just adds to the rustic charm!

I started the second mitt immediately after finishing the first, otherwise it'd end up like that pair of socks I started in 08, alone and shoved in a closet. Stay tuned for pics of the finished pair.

See below for pictures of my thrumming goodness!

My Initial massive thrums: