[XCOM2-Spoilers] Devil's Gift (Easy-Ironman)

Operation Devil's Gift

Rescue VIP from ADVENT Vehicle, Edmonton

This is a rescue mission so I decide on two sharpshooters and no Grenadier.

Cast of Kidnappers:
Sergeant "Sailor" Neptune (Ranger); Sergeant "Sailor" Uranus (Specialist); Knight Number 5 (Spark); Leftenant "Sheriff" Schneider (Sharpshooter); Corporal Jones (Sharpshooter)

We start on a roof but after setup, only Sheriff is left up there as he has Squadsight. I do some running to scout using Jones and Neptune. We see a couple ADVENT in a building to our right but then we see the Viper King and a Viper peon slither out front. He becomes the priority target and we set up allowing the Troopers to flank us. Number 5 will start the barrage with everyone else on overwatch.

It goes fairly well. Neptune never got line-of-sight on the King and everyone else hit except Sheriff. The Troopers took tactical positions to my flank as expected, but we have to kill this Viper King.

Apparently only Neptune can move so she pulls her sword and dashes for the King doing heavy damage but not enough and his reaction is to open a gate for escape. Number 5 is Marked and takes some damage from a flanking Trooper (ADVENT Officer) while Uranus gets stabbed by the other one (ADVENT Stun Lancer). No music comes from Number 5.

I try to use Lightning Hands with Sheriff but somehow screw it up and he blows his whole wad on the Viper King, eliminating him. Now to the flankers and the eleven turns to get our VIP.

Number 5 flanks the Lancer and misses, almost hitting Uranus who ducks and curses Yoma. Spectacle Jones removes the Lancer from play.

Neptune rushes over, and strikes down the ADVENT Officer with her sword and snags some loot making me wish I'd added the extra loot option to my Guerilla Tactics Room.

Uranus hacks one of the local ADVENT systems to increase our vision for one turn.

Well I'll be a milksnake's uncle..... In my haste to take out the Viper King successfully, I just may have blown up the truck with the VIP.....
Mission Fail.
7 turns, 4/4 enemies killed, 1 soldier wounded.
Rating: Poor

Well, once again I feel like the mission was so bloody easy that I became lazy and foolish. This is a part of who I am. I excel best when challenged and when things seem too easy, I drop the ball. Perhaps as , XCOM can teach me some things that will transfer to real life. Perhaps I need to travel in the opposite direction he is to find my own balance.