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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/09/09
Last night we had Korean take out, with Kim-Chi, and three variations of Bulgogi, (Beef, Chicken, & Pork).

Game is held on Tuesdays at 2014 at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601 on or near 5PM.


Last week we left Honda (mistakenly reported as Huang), Kmaregh, with Kiki in his Backpack , and the Pit Bull puppy in the stable where the doors mysteriously shut behind them and were attacked by a gaping maw that came out of the wall.

The sequence below follows the party as they faced the mansion starting from their right to left. This was done so all separated party members got to do something evenly spaced. Groups will be marked starting A through E, (right to left, C in the Center).

©, Tubbs, simply walked up to the manor's front door in the center with Huang behind him and knocked. From the door, a sticky gooey sap shot forth but Tubbs made his Dexterity check and it missed. As well as Huang, who also make his Dex check to avoid it.

(A-Outside) By the stable the four mini-Giagts, Larry, Curley, Moe, & Shemp attempted to batter down the down the stable door using sheer strength and Shemp's head as a battering ram (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, boink!) They caused minor damage to to the door, but it also spurted sticky goo that Shemp was unable to avoid. Considering the ramming position Shemp was in during the attempt, he may be considered to be tied up with his hands to his sides.

(B) Weasel went to the manor's window to the left and peered in. We was able to make what appeared to be a trophy room with various items on pedestals.

(D) Elefus went to the manor's window to the right and peered in. He saw what appeared to be a bedroom containing a bed with clean sheets, a water basin, and a tap.

(A-Inside). Returning to gaming extravaganza by the stable, our trapped Puppy, Honda, Kmaregh & Kiki decide to attempt escape on their own by attempting to blast their way through the door with his Staff of Sunflame (Heavy Blaster, model DA3). Warning those outside the door, then carefully measuring the length and breadth of the stable to avoid the Numrendir incident*, Honda determined they would be outside the blast radius. So the door did not make it's saving throw vs. magical fire and they were able to get out. (Honda got experience for the clever idea.)

(B) Weasel breaks the window using his Gauntlets of Ogre Power.

© Tubbs and Huang attempt to understand the goo on the front doorstep. They both back off away from the building to await further events.

(D) Continuing to the right Elefus, joined by Brother Richard, and Numrendir noticed a cemetery and a burned out and leveled building further off from the manor and went off to investigate. Stepping past the iron fence into the cemetery grounds,they noticed all the tombstones where written in Gnomish and nominally unable to be read and unlike the rest of the manor grounds the area there is green grass and flowers everywhere. The burnt out building turned out to be a Church. It seems to have burnt down within the last couple of months. They become position (E).

(A) Joins position (B) outside the window Weasel has just broken.

© Tubbs and Huang move towards their left (D).

(E) Investigating the graveyard, they notice a monument and that three of the eighty or so graves have been dug up.

(B) This group now consisting of the four Mini-Giants, Kmaregh, Kiki, Honda, Weasel, and the puppy enter the window. Honda made her save to avoid broken glass coming down from the window. Once inside they find the various trophies on the grey pedestals as follows: 1) Orcish War Banners from various tribes, 2) Gnoll War Banners from various clans, 3) a demonic skeleton in a glass case, 4) a detailed statue of a medusa, 5) a gnome-sized pair of weathered stomping boots, 6) the shell of a Stegocentipede, and 7) a mounted pair of red dragon claws. None of the items were touched. There was also an open hallway leading away but nothing was noted moving therein.

(D) Tubbs and Huang moved towards the Cemetery and destroyed Church and joined group (E).

(E) Once there, Huang played a card allowing him to read a language for this session and read the Gnome inscriptions. They discover the monument is dedicated to Gnomes who died in the great plague. They step over the foundation into the area of the burnt out church and find remnants of burnt pews, scraps of religious writing, and what is left of an altar. Huang discovered a secret compartment at the base of the it and found (untrapped) a gold nugget with the initials "GG" and a clerical scroll. Handing over the scroll to Elefus, he find it contains the following spells: Create Water, Cure Light Wounds, Remove Fear, and Minor Raise Dead.

It started to rain.

(B) group inside the trophy room set up the four mini-Giants to keep watch down the open hallway. Then decided to open one of the two doors. Kmaregh tried first and it wouldn't budge and failed an Intelligence check. Honda tried next with her 18 strength and busted it down, making her intelligence check, she noticed there were no hinges, but rather it had been adhered to the wall with the same gooey substance. In this room they found a wet bar but all the bottles were empty except one and three other doors. There were bas reliefs on the walls of famous Gnomish battles, one of which the hero was depicted not wearing anything from the waist down. Kmaregh poured himself a taste from the last bottle and discovered it was a sweet liqueur, but not as much bite as whiskey.

(E) group now decided to investigate a gardener's shed towards the front of the manor grounds. Along the way, Tubbs nearly died from several arrows coming from the brush to one side. The group retaliated by a couple blasts from the Wands of Sunflame, burning all the brush leaving behind three retreating Orcs. Elefus and Huang followed and killed two while the third (largest) Orc got away. At the end of the chase they found an Orc campsite consisting of a wagon, and nine very mangy, distressed, and malnourished horses. Elefus took possession of if it all, discovering in the wagon various equipment and a small cave entrance behind the wagon. Taking inventory of the equipment, Elefus found: 2 suits human sized splint mail, 3 longswords, 1 footman's mace, 6 daggers, 1 human sized chain mail, 1 dwarf sized ring mail, 2 hooded lanterns, 4 empty oil flasks, 2 vials of holy water, 3 suits of gnome sized plate mail, 8 short swords, and 5 gnome sized helmets. Ignoring the cave, they took the horses and wagons and made it back to the rest of group (E) just outside the aforesaid, shed.

Continuing at the 20 by 20 foot shed [and not back to group (B)]. Before going inside, they played a card to detect traps beforehand. The party found 9 sleeping mats, a barrel, and a small shrine on top to the Orc gawd, Gruumsh, and of course, the Glyph of Warding of the barrel. Taking note of the honor point gained by destroying the shrine and another honor point gained knowing whosoever shrine it was was now honor-bound to exact revenge, Elefus blasted the entire shed with his model S3 blaster. Then this group (E) headed back to the manor house.

Back to group (B), Kmaregh attempted to open another adjoining door and was promptly attacked by another gaping maw that sprung forth from the wall next to the door he was trying to open. Honda easily cut it off from the tendril attache to the wall, busted down the next door and moved on. This room, labeled "The General's Dining Room." was found to contain valuable silver settings and two brass candle holders in the shape of brass dragons, each setting was accompanied by a set of green ash trays. All adorned with some sign of heraldry none could recognize. There was a small serving cart containing what may have been the remains of fine CUBAN cigars. There were also two pewter pitchers on the floor. The party touched none the items in the room.

Before going onto the next room I called it a night. Thus allowing group (E) departing the blasted shed to either catch up or attempt to enter the manor from elsewhere.



Count, Elefus, Human Male Deacon
Weasel, Human Guild Soldier, Enchanter, & Myrmidon
Kmaregh Dismal, Human Evoker
Huang - Human Monk Master
Honda - Human Samurai Bushi
Kiki - Minor-Trickster, Pixie-Nixie

NPCs (living only):

Brother Richard, Human Canon of the 1st Church of the Facts of Life
Henchman Tubbs
Mini-Hill Giant: Larry
Mini-Frost Giant: Curly
Mini-Fire Giant" Moe
Mini-Stone Giant: Shemp


Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Gerry Castagere, Human Fingersmith, and ever loving devotee of Elefus
Fundisha - Half-Elf Swordsperson

Tracy Johnson



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