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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/11/25
This session we had a Philly Cheese-steak Pizza. It was duly noted the pizza parlor we use does not make such a pizza, we simply ordered a steak and cheese pizza, (same ingredients they use for the sandwich of the same name), and we were charged for a two topping pizza.

Games are on Tuesdays sometime after 5PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.


From last week we stopped in the middle of a ongoing battle between the party and eight re-animated Bugbears. Eight others were still in stasis. For the record, there were two methods for animating Bugbears, one was simply to attack a static Bugbear, the other (which the party did not discover) was to either exit/enter the room again which animates four Bugbears at a time. The party chose the former method, activating Bugbears one by one by attacking them. It was also written into the module that any attack while in stasis is of no effect but are fully functional (and vulnerable) next round.

The battle was a foregone conclusion but of note where Numrendir's summoned Spiders and the Orcs. The Orcs were fodder but at least they occupied the Bugbears for a few rounds. However the venom of a bite by one of the Spine Spiders enables the spider to control its victim. Secondly since the spiders were summoned and under the control of Numrendir, he had control of three Bugbears.

After combat was over there was one surviving Bugbear under Numrendir's control, so it helped the party tip over the sarcophagus lid before the spell finished (and the Spiders disappeared), thus giving the Bugbear free will. So they had to kill that one also. Inside the Sarcophagus were 4000 Copper and 2000 Silver pieces, some Gems (Weasel palmed the best one), and a rectangular piece of stainless steel about 8 inches long and one inch square.

The party took this as a hint as a piece of the key needed to open the Stainless Steel doors from last session.

NOT going through either of the two further exits in this room, the party decided to double back from whence they came to a fork previously not taken. Meaning they went past the room with the pit trap, the coat closet, ending up at the room with symbols etched onto the floor they they flew over last time. The symbols were 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 per 10 foot square in a 20 by 25 foot room.

Making this summary as simple and short as possible, it turned out as each number was stepped on, a monster appeared and were duly defeated in turn. Huang activated a Rust Monster by first stepping onto square numbered '5'. Fortunately Elefus was the only one wearing metal armor and due to his magical benefits the Monster was unable to hit him.

In any case as soon as the party figured out the numbering system, they started stepping on other numbers. Every number except '6' produced a monster, and no number stepped on a second time produced another monster. The monsters listed by number and who landed the killing blow were thus:

1) Hellhound, by Huang.
2) Giant Lizard, by Huang.
3) Giant Spider by Huang.
4) Leucrotta, by Weasel.
5) Rust Monster, by Elefus.
7) Spitting Serpent Snake by Honda.

Next item on the agenda, the party decided to follow the path taken by the illusory giant balls (Weasel had to be told this since he ignored them). They ended up in a 50 by 50 foot room with two piles of collapsed rubble (apparently caused by the multitudinous earthquakes) on either side of a pit.

Whoever went first (and alone) to inspect the areas beyond the room (Lucky?) was attacked by a Manticore appearing at the top of one of the piles of rubble (and the spikes flung forth from its tail). In any case Huang rushed forward to the rescue (or attack followed by the Krazzek the Dwarf. Special Ed cast a Magic Missile to get the damage started while Huang finished it off. Krazzek being short legged as he was didn't get there in time.

Exploring further down in the pit they found another eight inch stainless steel iron bar beneath a few rotting corpses and Manticore dung. Ignoring the smell, the party cleaned it off along with two unknown potions that went to Huang. A Rope Trick scroll that went to Numrendir. There was also a set of Human sized chain mail that went ignored because it was too difficult to clean.

Going past this room they encountered the next item on the agenda, a door made of solid silver, with the sound of laughing coming from the other side and a precision lock that incurred a 60% penalty for to the Open Lock skill. Once inside the apparently empty room, a disembodied booming voice demanded they bow to their knees or be destroyed. Everyone except Weasel, Huang & Honda bowed, incurring appropriate honor penalties. It then demanded tribute so they could leave. Weasel once again ignored the illusion, Huang & Honda didn't bow because they were too proud.

What Weasel saws was a small Imp clinging to the ceiling, so he attacked. The Imp fled down the hall at the same rate Weasel could chase it while flying and he ended capturing it. Although it came to naught, as I played a card allowing this Monster to Emergency Teleport away. While Weasel was thus occupied with the chase, the rest of the party finding nothing in this room went further down the hall where it ended in the last room of the Evening.

They heard the sound of barking and clawing at the door. With Lucky in front, the party opened the door.

With apologies to General George S. Patton and the 3rd Army, the party sent Lucky Forward where he was immediately set upon by a pair of Hellhounds. Ignoring the party''s attacks, these evil fiends used their breath weapon to charbroil him while they chewed him to pieces. The largest one got the biggest piece of Lucky and swallowed him whole while the smaller one snarfed up the rest. Eventually the party killed these beasts but being creatures from the nether regions, they disappeared into a puff of smoke as they died.

Unfortunately for Lucky as he was dying inside the belly of the beast he disappeared along with the Hellhounds. Thus there was no body for Elefus to raise from the dead.





Count Elefus, Human Male Deacon

Sir Weasel, Human Guild Soldier, Enchanter, & Myrmidon
Sir Kmaregh Dismal, Human Evoker
Sir Huang - Human Monk Sub-Master
Dame Honda - Human Samurai Bushi
Numrendir - Human Coercer
Arnold - Human Rutterkin.
Krazzek Thunderkeg - Dwarf Tracker.
"Lucky" Seamus McFitzpatrick - A Gnome Rutterkin (deceased)


Slim, an Elf Presdigitator/Apprentice.
Special Ed - A Human Risk Mage


Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Gerry Castagere, Human Fingersmith, and ever loving devotee of Elefus
Fundisha - Half-Elf Swordsperson
Tracy Johnson



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