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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2014/12/09
This session the Player for Krazzek_Thunderkeg purchased pizza for the group and served me a FROSTY beer for two Honor Points, then played a HackMaster card for 3 more Honor Points.

Games are on Tuesdays sometime after 5PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.


I took the liberty of summarizing what the party has explored on this level by consolidating the Player's hand drawn map with a photo-shopped version indicating only areas they have been in and highlighting obvious unexplored exits in yellow.

Standing just outside the stainless steel door, the party decided to not assemble the found KEYs and explore the highlighted exits. I also reminded the party game time was nearly 7PM and they had not eaten the whole day. So they decided to eat, take a rest, and Magic Users re-memorized cast spells. Kmaregh wanted to swap spells out, so he burnt Power Word Somersault on Krazzek the Dwarf thus freeing the slot so he could memorize the Scare spell. It also provided a moment's dinner entertainment for the party. (He was a Dwarf after all.) The time spent resting was an hour.

Thus refreshed, the party went back to the room of defeated Bugbears and the sarcophagus, into which they all decided to relieve themselves. (Has they party EVER gone to the bathroom after all these years? Makes you wonder.)

Turning down a hall that Huang and Honda previously had gone partway just as the (first) battle with the Bugbears began, they got in line with Arnold in the lead backed up by Huang and Honda. Just before the entrance to a 30 foot square chamber, Arnold finds a huge ball of string. Pausing to investigate it he is pounced upon by a huge cat as large as a cow, a Nefarian Hellcat.

Taking 21 points of damage on the first round, Arnold was pussy-whipped.

Kmaregh attempted to cast a Sleep spell (this cat is immune). Huang's Martial Arts with his fists were of no effect. Numrendir summoned some Orc Brigands also to no effect. The Party finally realizes it takes a magical weapon to hit this thing. Honda finally scored a hit with her cursed Bastard Sword -2, at least it was magical. Elefus and Huang switched places, since at least Elefus had a Footman's Mace +2.

Meanwhile the cat scored some hits on Honda and turned her attention back to our unconscious Arnold swallowing him whole. Krazzek tried to approach the cat and scratch its tummy but only after cumulative hits from Elefus, Honda and a Magic Missile strike by Special Ed killed it.

Once again this was a creature from the nether planes. As soon as it died it disappeared in a puff of ash and smoke taking Arnold's body with it. At least it was one less Raise Dead for Elefus to cast.

Studying their surroundings the party turned its attention back to the ball of string. It turned out to contain a dead Hobbit. Kmaregh detected a magical ring of unknown type on the dead Halfling's finger and turned it over to Krazzek.

Continuing down the hall that opened up on the other side of the Hellcat's chamber for seventy feet, there was a door just as the hallway turned South. Finding the door unlocked they were met by the unworldly stench a room full of uncleaned kitty litter. The party decided NOT to investigate this room.

Following the hallway further South for a few more twists and turns they ended up once again at the familiar stainless steel wall that could probably be opened by the KEYs they have found.

Declining that they doubled back towards the room that they blasted through the wall of beads and opened a door they had hitherto ignored. They ended up fighting a series of monsters in several rooms.

- Six more Bugbears
- Four Ogres
- Three Gargoyles

They killed all the monsters in turn, but they found out the hard way that using one of their techno-blasters (in its fireball mode) in this unstable dungeon causes a ceiling collapse, which they had to dig out of.

Perusing their map, the Party decided they had cleaned out this section of the underground maze and decided to move on to the room Arnold had previously found the Iron Chest filled with silver, gold, and one of the KEYs.

Upon entering this 30 by 50 foot room with many entrances, they were shortly beset upon by a pair of Umber Hulks. Umber Hulks are interesting foes, because if you don't make a Saving Throw, you end up 'confused' for several rounds (for which most of them were). Although the confusion could actually make you attack these creatures 20 percent of the time. Otherwise you may just stand there or wander off. Perseverance paid off however and one Grease spell successfully cast by Numrendir caused one Umber Hulk to slip and fall delaying its interference by a few rounds while the Party defeated the other. Once slain the Party turned its attention on the fallen one and defeated it.

Leaving this room in the midst of battle down an unexplored hall, Slim (unaffected by confusion) found a steel door as the tunnel headed North.

At this point the we called it a night.


The Player for Kmaregh said he'd be away for two Tuesdays. And since we're expecting a low turnout due to the Holidays, so we declared two weeks of Boardgames until he returns.

Unless of course we have a high turnout. Meaning of course Kmaregh's character may be at the front of any marching order ...

It may also be an auspicious time for Snizzlephish to come out of retirement. We may be able to backtrack to where he left off.





Count Elefus, Human Male Deacon
Sir Weasel, Human Guild Soldier, Enchanter, & Myrmidon
Sir Kmaregh Dismal, Human Evoker
Sir Huang - Human Monk Sub-Master
Dame Honda - Human Samurai Bushi
Numrendir - Human Coercer
Arnold - Human Rutterkin (deceased)
Krazzek Thunderkeg - Dwarf Tracker


Slim, an Elf Presdigitator/Apprentice.
Special Ed - A Human Risk Mage


Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Gerry Castagere, Human Fingersmith, and ever loving devotee of Elefus
Fundisha - Half-Elf Swordsperson
Tracy Johnson


I want a blaster that has a fireball mode!
So much better than a stun setting Big Grin
There are two fireball blasters that I know of to be found in old AD&D modules. One comes from the DA3 module "City of the Gods" which had space techno. I added the official picture of the item and a full text description of the "heavy blaster" from the module below, there is also a hand version with less dice of damage:

Heavy Blaster - Model DA3 (Staff of Sunflame)

Description: This device actually looks more like an unwieldly club than a staff. The smooth dense, dark gray substance from which it is manufactured is studded with arcane bumps and bulges and it is broader and heavier at one end, tapering to a thin tube at the other.

Functioning: This shoulder fired weapon works like a crossbow (but is much lighter and is shaped like a rifle). It works exactly like a wand of fireballs, but does 8d8 points of damage at 360 Feet (120 Yards) whenever a small stud in the underside of the stock is pressed). The weapon has a standard power pack in the stock. Moving a slide on the stock causes it to eject its power pack; it can then be reloaded by simply sliding a fresh power pack into the butt end of the stock. Thumbing open a panel on the top of the stock exposes a vertical gauge whose red indicator line shows how many charges are left. The panel snaps shut when released. Each new power pack inserted in the weapon is good for 24 uses. The power pack already in a weapon when it is discovered by a PC is good for 5d4 uses.

The other version is from the old AD&D module S3 "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks". I call it the "S3" model, as opposed to the "DA3" model. There is also a lesser "hand" version. Picture of this one also attached, and full text of the module below:

(Power discs have 6 charges.)

Blaster Rifle – Model (S3)
Range: S=5", M=10", L=15"
Area of Effect: 1’ beam or special
Power Disc Drain: 2/use
Rate of Fire: l/round
Damage: Disruption or special
Save: All vs petrifaction see below

As with the blaster pistol, this item will also be usually found in a folded-up state, about 11/2’ long. When unfolded, it is about 3’ long, It weighs nearly 5 Ibs. It appears to consist of jointed metal rods, a curved metal plate, a hardened leather band or collar and a pane of glass, framed and mounted on the end of a rod. There is a black rivet at the end of the U-shaped rod. The metal plate has 3 raised, colored bars - black, white, and red - and a coin-shaped slot above them. There is a blue rivet on the side above the collar. The band is made of a hardened leather or horn-like material, fashioned into overlapping plates. No stitching may be seen. The glass is thick and dark on both sides. On one side of the frame is a metal mesh mounted on a small rod. The rifle must first be unfolded and then the left arm is thrust through the collar. This band will automatically constrict to a firm grip so that the gun need not be held constantly. It will only release when the blue button is pushed. The rifle activates when one of the colored settings is pushed. The black button on the U shaped handle is pushed to fire. The shot originates from the screen.

The effects of the settings are:

BLACK - Disruption beam setting usable to maximum range. This beam will vaporize anything short of hull metal when it hits. The beam affects up to six cubic feet of material. When an individual creature is the target a save is applicable. Shields are automatically destroyed, armor and protection devices must also be saved for. If save is successful individual takes 5-30 hit points, and saving throws for armor and/or protection devices is at -5 against next blaster (pistol or rifle) attack. Target creatures are stunned for 1-4 rounds despite saving.

WHITE - Heat beam setting effective out to medium range. A wave of heat sweeps out in a 4’ beam, and all in its path must save. Metallic armor reduces saving throw by -7, shields by -2, but magical bonuses are added, i.e. magic plate (+3) and shield (+3) would reduce the chance of saving by 9, but magical bonuses (+6 in this example) adjust that to only a -3. Creatures failing to save are melted, those saving take 5-20 hit points of damage and lose 1-6 points of strength for 1-6 turns due to heat exhaustion.

RED - Flame plane setting effective only to short range. A horizontal plane cuts a triangular area out to 5” (weapon’s short range), with a 2%” base. Inflammable materials in this plane start burning, and creatures take either 4-24 hit points of damage or 2-12 hit points if they successfully save. This setting does not lower armor values against successive saving throws, as it does not harm armor.

Model DA3 Heavy Blaster (Staff of Sunflame)

Model S3 Blaster Rifle

I tried to add the blaster attachments after posting but they wouldn't take. So here they are in a new reply.
Tracy Johnson


Knew about Barrier Peaks, I'll have to peek at my DA3.
Thanks for checking, it shows my readers care!

I feel it is underpowered due to it being for characters of 5th to 7th. While my characters range from 2nd to 12th, while it seems to average out, it turns out to be a pushover for the high levels. Low levels are smart enough to hunker down behind the high levels, but if there is absenteeism, they have a tendency to push absentee low levels in front when they want to get rid of them. As is what happened to Arnold and Lucky. Then sometimes out the absentee character returns and has to re-roll a new character. (Fortunately for me Lucky and Arnold have not returned, - same Player by the way.)

Will also take suggestions from my readers for changes to the module I'm running. Currently I'm in the HackMaster version of C2. I guess I'm saying I'm looking for a high level trap. (The top of the C2 Tower notwithstanding.)

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