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[TT] Tablets Wars Anew
So what are your views on tablets now? The old thread at is very out of date and only a little over a year old. What do you own, why, and what does the future look like?

Android and Apple battle for the top. Playbook, while still phenomenal, will not have continued support however the ability to include Android is pretty sweet. Likely he larger BB10 phones will take over that market.

Lenovo has some interesting designs and their convertible morphing laptop/tablets are still cutting edge - but expensive.

Acer is suffering from bloatware and while Asus is putting out some nice product they also suffer bloatware. Apple is trendy but I fix more iPads than all the other tablets combined. Perhaps they're are just more, but they do seem to have a lot of issues.

Is there an appeal to having one system for computer, phone, and tablet?

Have tablets eclipsed laptops yet with their keyboard docks? Where does the Chromebook fit in now as netbooks are gone.
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Tablets: Nope. Don't like them. And docks are the worst of both worlds.

As for all-in-ones, I can see the appeal but I prefer separation of purpose. That's a large part of why my phone is just a phone. (The other part being cost of item and plans.)
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