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This time we had an extra large cheese pizza, with extra cheese.

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After two more hours of petty maintenance the party set sail for a revisit to the ruins of the Temple of the Frog.

The ship set sail the day prior to the arrival of the Gnome Minstrels hired by Kmaregh 6 months before. They were scheduled to perform in Blackmoor's towne theater.

In keeping with the method I reported last sailing, the following are excepts from the ship's log: For those with the DA1 map, hexagon numbers are provided.

Day 1, arrive hex 3720: Favorable Winds, sailed 50 miles, sailed through Lake Hope, no encounters.

Day 2, arrive hex 3721: Unfavorable winds, close hauled 24 miles off the southwestern bank. encountered a 4 Giant Gar and caught two for ships rations.

Day 3, arrive hex 3922: Favorable winds from the Northwest, broad reaching 48 miles entered Southlake, no encounters.

Day 4, arrive hex 4022: Light Breeze, close hauled 24 miles, still in Southlake.

Late at night we were approached by an unmanned ship during the evening watch. Crew alerted. All hails were to no avail and spells could detect no evil and the usual detect invisible showed no entities aboard. Then the ship came alongside and lowered a gangplank all by itself. Slade Wilson took the initiative and split the gangplank with his battle axe. The gangplank flopped sideways in place. Elefus took the hint and used his Model S3 Blaster Rifle to destroy the unknown ship.

GM's note: It turned out to be another Dopple-Meister, a huge mimic that disguised itself to look like a ship. Having encountered one before Elefus brooked no delay in destroying it before it could eat any party members. (The gangplank turned out to be its tongue.)

Day 5, arrive hex 4124, heavy breeze running with the wind 48 miles arrive at end of Southlake.

Day 6, arrive hex 4125, light breeze arrived Town of Newgate spent the night carousing at local bars.

Day 7, arrive hex 4024, begin upstream trek through the Draco channel. Sailed 24 miles with unfavorable winds from the North, Northwest.

Day 8, arrive hex 3924, along the Draco channel. Closed hauled with an unfavorable light breeze from the North for 24 miles.

Day 9, arrive hex 3724, along the Draco channel. Favorable moderate breeze from the East Southeast broad reaching for 50 miles.

Day 10, arrive hex 3624, along the Draco channel. Unfavorable light breeze close hauled from the West by Northwest for 24 miles.

Day 11, arrive hex 3525, Draco channel meets the Barleycorn River. Set lookouts for Banjos, observed and ignored Zoolem monkeys on the shoreline. Winds from the South by Southeast, close hauled for 24 miles.

Day 12, arrive hex 3324, strong breeze from the East 48 miles running with the wind.

Day 13, arrive hex 3125, strong breeze from East by Northeast, broad reaching for 50 miles. Bypassed Kenville to the Northwest and entered Trog Lake.

Day 14, arrive hex 3127, light breeze from the Northeast for 48 miles, broad reaching..

Day 15, arrive hex 3027, Close hauled, light breeze, left Trog Lake and entered Blood Lake.

Day 16, arrive hex 2928, Close hauled again, another light breeze.

Day 17, luffed in a strong breeze. Ship maintained position due to Elefus casting a wind column spell to avoid backing sail. (Although they could have just dropped anchor, these were inland waters and not ten thousand fathoms.)

While stuck in this position, they were attacked by Giant Water Spiders. They lost two crew from the poison and the spiders were too quick to prevent them getting dragged overboard. Slade Wilson also died from the poison. But the party held onto him and Elefus knocked the spider out cold. Elefus also cast Neutralize Poison and Raise Dead to bring him back. (Also earning him my house rule of 1000 experience points for dying the first time, although losing a point of honor for getting raised.)

During the event I, while placing the figurines for the spider fight aboard my ship model, I asked where Weasel was as it was assumed he went along. So I placed him on deck for the fight. Then I asked where his nine henchmen were, and the party told me they weren't allowed on the trip. Since Weasel's character wasn't present, I had to make a GM decision, if Weasels' henchmen couldn't go, Weasel wouldn't go either. So I removed him from the board it is now presumed he stayed in BlackMoor.

During the night the Party celebrated D'Vince 4th anniversary of joining the party, albeit she hasn't been with the party in years.

Day 18, they sailed into Boggy Bottom, hex 2828. Any City/Town adventures to be determined next week.






Count Elefus, Human Male Abbot
Sir Weasel, Human Guild Soldier, Enchanter, & Champion (Not present).
Sir Kmaregh Dismal, Human Thaumaturgist (Bad Karma)
Sir Huang - Master Monk of the Stone Tiger Order
Dame Honda - Human Datai Samurai
Numrendir - Human Orderer (7th level Conjuror)
Bane - Human Hero, (Placed on the retired list.)
Twitch - Human Larcenist, (Placed on the retired list.)
Slade Wilson - Dwarven Professional (4th level Bounty Hunter)

Nine Pilgrim Henchmen with swords of various levels. (Not present.)

Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Gerry Castagere, Human Fingersmith, and ever loving devotee of Elefus
Fundisha - Half-Elf Swordsperson





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Some of you may have wondered how the prior voyage made it from Trog Lake to Blood Lake considering they are separated by a land bridge?

About a dozen years ago, in an earlier iteration of my campaign timeline about 200 years prior, another character named Bill (the same Player who now runs Elefus) became Regent of the Mines and built a canal between the two lakes. The canal is still maintained by the Regency and charges fees.

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That's pretty cool!

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The character's home town was Boggy Bottom and he wanted waterborne (quicker) movement to Vestfold and back. The alternate path via the Draco Channel was a by-product.