[Muskoka] Detour in a 473ml can @4.3% alc./vol. served chilled

It pours out as a thick and cloudy amber with substantial head. The head sticks around for awhile with a very slow dissipation. A bouquet of toffee-like citrus engages your nostrils harshly.

Initially sweet it gives way to a crass bitterness that holds onto your tongue like a boa constrictor. 

Visually there is ample carbonation however you notice none of it when you drink. Thick and weighty on the tongue but a middleweight in your tummy. 

Without trying to sound crass, I would label this "The Tasty Bitch." 

It's heavenly and hellish all at once. Picture the can with a tail, horns and a halo. Such pleasantness combined with a bitterness that assaults you with great fervour leaving you a bit wide-eyed after each sip right through the end of the pint. You'll think this is much more than the alcohol content it advertises, but that might just be the confusion swirling around your mind.

A good Summer evening beer that tastes smoother poured in a glass.