Ə - Money

Still not doing price lists. Not gonna happen. But I do recognize the need for some kind of economy, so here are six categories/ranks of wealth and what you can expect to be able to purchase with each rank.

Change - a meal for one; ammunition; a small weapon or a larger one of poor quality; a quick schtupp in a back alley
Purse - a week's room and board for one or a night for a group; quality weapons; leather or scale armor; a mount; zalb for the krenk on your schmeckle (What'd you expect from a nafka like that?)
Chest - a house/farm; a small armory; armor for a party or plate for one; low magic (scrolls, small bonus weapon); a herd; a wife
Cache - a business; a mercenary troop; magic (mid-bonus weapons); a harem (or for the Office Space fans: two chicks at the same time, man)
Trove - an army; high magic; a princess
Hoard - a kingdom; love

If you have Change and kill a kobold who has Change, you end up with Change. But, if you kill a bunch of kobolds, each of which has Change, you'll have a Purse. If you add Change to a Purse, you get a Purse. If you add a Purse to a Purse, you still have a Purse. Wealth is a funny thing. If you have a thousand Purses and sit there adding one Purse to the next, come the end of the day you end up with a Purse, but if you gather a couple-few Purses you get a Chest.

Each category is a general description of value. A Chest could be a small chest of gold, a large chest of silver, or a bejeweled scepter. A Hoard could be comparable to King Solomon's Mines or the Arkenstone of Thrain.