Running an Old Online Minicomputer Text Game

Typical Island

I'm willing to bet few, if any read my the URL for my byline. But Today is my once a year posting for one of the text based games that I manage. EMPIRE5.

Empire5 is regenerated once a year, and all you need is to do is Telnet to it. Once connected, enter HELLO PLAYER.EMPIRE5 and you're in. It will ask for your nation, (just make something up) and create a password. (You can also use PUTTY, but turn echo or duplex off. Control-H is backspace, and arrow keys don't work.) There are other versions of this game converted to Graphical Interfaces, but they don't always have the charm of plain ASCII Text. EX is for exit and logs you off.

As a text based game, any command can be prefixed by the word HELP and the command name. Of course the trick is knowing what the commands are. For that, enter COMMAND and you'll get a list. (There's a web page at the same URL so it shouldn't be too hard to find examples.)

The game lasts a year and accumulates time for each Island you occupy. With the year long game you get zero time points at the beginning. So once you've logged on you may have to wait a day or so to get any time points. (There are shorter games but I need to regenerate them. EMPIRE4, ..3, ..2, & ..1)

The picture shown is a typical Island. Unoccupied spaces are dashes, the letter D is a dock, M are Mining sectors, E produces Explosives, A produces Artillery, plus signs (+) are AIrports, the letter P produces aircraft. The quotes (") are occupied Mountains. Unoccupied mountains would be a caret (^). Blank spaces are water sectors. All these letters over time produce components to make a formidable forces to challenge other players. Occupied sectors all have civilians and military, although you can draft 100% of the civilians and convert them to military. However only civilians reproduce, military does not.

In Docks you can build various types of ships, Liners, Transports, Destroyers, Mine Layers, Cruisers, Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Submarines and others. You can use these to colonize and invade other Islands.

The typical announcement for this game is as follows:

Full Length EMPIRE5 has been regenerated, it lasts 1 year and expires THU, AUG 23, 2018

High Scores for the previous game are posted at:

To connect, use Telnet or VT to:

The log on command is HELLO PLAYER.EMPIRE5

Game parameters are:
- 999x999 sector grid
- 255 islands, starting island is random
- build and movement points accumulate every 60 minutes
- 0 starting time units
- ship movement is updated every 12 hours
- 255 Player limit
- Player identification is created on first log on
- Game is always open, no sign ups required
- Normal information hiding

This message generated by a batch job on the Empire machine.

Tracy Johnson
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