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Recently I've started purchasing some of the older Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventures because the official website has them on sale for under £2 per download. As these are Dr Who episodes I will not use illegal download methods.
I have heard the following stories and these are my thoughts about them:
The Sirens of Time
A multi doctor story featuring Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy each in their own episode as they meet a girl, the same girl in different times and worlds, and lose access to the tardis. The final story brings them all together to meet their foe on their own home world. Sadly this story is pretty dull.
Phantasmagoria featuring Peter Davison as the 5th Dr and Mark Strickson as Turlough. The Dr and Turlough find themselves in London of 1702 with a dangerous highwayman, an occultist and a strange gambler. Gentlemen are disappearing and a phantom menace is bewitching london. The Dr, Turlough and their new friends find an alien menace which they must stop before it reeks more havoc on London town. A well told story. Good delivery by all concerned with an fun score and a very good resolution to the story. I liked this one.
The Whispers of Terror with Colin Baker as the 6th Dr and Nicola Bryant as Peri. The Dr and Peri discover soundbites being altered In speeches, a body and the fact that they are in a restricted zone leave people pointing fingers at them in this political who done it with a twist of a sound creature. Good story over all but not great. Colin Bakers voice is extremely well suited for audio.
The Land of the Dead featuring Peter Davison as the 5th Dr and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. The Dr and Nyssa become embroiled in the dark house of Alaska where ancient demons seem to be stirring and the locals are afraid of what the house has awakened. Boring story with awful fake american Indian accents.
The Fearmonger featuring Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Dr and Sophie Aldred as Ace. The Dr and Ace are investigating an alien who hides inside others and creates fear. We meet a politician, her head man, a radio host and Walter. Can't reveal much about this story except that it was so good I listened to it twice. Highly recomended.
Now listening to the Marian Conspiracy. I'll let you know after I've heard a few more

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I picked up two Big Finish audio dramas.... The Torchwood one was okay and I haven't gotten into the Pathfinder one.