The Twin Dilemma

After sacrificing himself so that Peri could live in the last story, the Caves of Androzani.. the Doctor has regenerated into his sixth form "and not a moment too soon".  The Dr finds his regeneration unstable, there are problems with control. After all a time lord who is hundreds of  years old must have some pent up hostility, I know I do and I'm only 50! He finds himself some garish clothing to suit his frenetic personality then tries to kill his companion by strangling her before catching a glimpse of himself in a mirror and coming to his senses. He will throw numerous fits throughout this story before stabilizing. The story itself is rather simple. A gastropod creature named Nestor has placed himself in control of the once beautiful planet of Jaconda. The previous benevolent ruler of Jaconda, a time lord named Azrael who is known to the Dr is working fiendish plots to serve Nestor in order to save his own people. The ridiculous plot leads Azrael to steal a pair of earth twins whose mathematical skills are powerful to the point of frightening. Nestor plans to use the twins to move two planets into orbit around Jaconda so that the gravitational pull will hurtle all three into the sun in order to hatch the next generation of his kind.  Meanwhile Azrael believes the three plants will assume livable conditions rather than fly into the sun. Not very bright for a time lord. The highjinx throughout includes a merry chase, escape from certain death, a weary hero, self sacrifice, bird people, slug people, biblical and historical name references and 80's glam clothing ... not to give away too much the Dr saves the day, brilliant! In the end we are left with an egotistical Doctor you could spot in a crowd quite easily . The sixth Dr is here and we're loving it! Overall this is not the best or worst  first story for a Dr. Peri is a whiny character but unfortunately she will be until her final story in which she is amazing. The production values aren't bad considering we are on three planets, one ship aside from the tardis and 2 laboratories not to mention the throne room but I think the direction and lighting could have been better. Remember this is coming from someone who does not make television programs so a grain of salt is needed. I would rate this a 7 out of 10. It would have been a lower score but the importance of the story introducing a new doctor is significant so I give it a 7